Tier 3 Raid Boss Guides

Requires counters above level 30 or weather boost

HP3,600 ATK102.93 DEF186.15
CP Range
Lvl 20 1153 - 1221 Lvl 25 1442 - 1526

Notable Weather

Boosts Boss's Moves Boosts Counters' Moves
Fog Cloudy

Fast Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Feint Attack Intermediate
Snarl Intermediate

Charge Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Dark Pulse Intermediate
Foul Play Intermediate


Umbreon is as close to a punching bag as tier 3 raid bosses get. It doesn’t do much damage, and the only viable counters without weather boost are a pair of Fighting-type Pokemon.


Team composition

  • Any weather: use L40 Counter + Dynamic Punch Machamp or Breloom

Dodging strategy

  • Don’t bother; even a 5 Breloom team can beat the raid without dodging

Note: "Good" movesets are not necessarily viable at the level indicated.

Best Raid Boss Counters

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • The overall best Umbreon counter; you only need about 3

  • Many players have one, as it is a historical tier 3 raid boss

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Raid Graph