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Our Story

GamePress was started in the Summer of 2016 in a college dorm and was something we did in whatever spare time we had when we didn't have class. It was really fun and we loved doing it. We now no longer operate out of our college dorms, but have a small office that we are currently sharing with a friend.

We started GamePress because we really enjoyed gaming and wanted a way to share what we knew with other players. The vision was to always focus on high quality content, no clickbait, stuff that players like ourselves would enjoy reading.

We knew that there was no way we could do this without the help of many like-minded individuals, so we went out on Reddit and other sites to find people who shared the same visions we did. We now have a small team who help contribute to the various sites and each is compensated based on the content they produce for the site. It really feels like one big family :)

Why we need your help?

Our only source of revenue is from our advertisements of which more than 50% are blocked through ad-block.  In addition to ad-block, there are fluctuations in payout rates each month (advertisers pay less some months), causing our revenue to sometimes decrease by up to 50%. In a nutshell, surviving solely through advertisements has been difficult for us and we are currently making the equivalent to less than minimum wage in ad revenue. We just need enough to survive, nothing more.

What will the funds go to?

  • Server - Our biggest expense is our monthly server bill which is in the four digits.
  • Staff - We currently have three of us who work together out of the same office, and about a dozen other content providers.
  • New Features - We have a bunch of new features that we want to build on all of our sites. Things such as a battle simulator for Pokemon GO, more Youtube videos, stuff like that.


If you think we deserve it, please support us so we can continue creating great content and tools for everyone.


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