Shiny Horsea Releasing for Pokemon GO Fest Chicago; Charm Data Added to Game Files

Table of Contents
  • Shiny Horsea will be available at a boosted rate this weekend, from June 13 to 16
  • Charm, a Fairy-type fast move, is also added to the game but isn't available on any Pokemon yet
  • Jirachi's Doom Desire signature move got nerfed for PvP and buffed for PvE

On June 12, 2019, the official Pokemon GO Twitter announced that Horsea, the Water-type Pokemon, will be available in its shiny form during the event.

Horsea spawns will be increased globally for the duration of GO Fest, starting from 9:00 AM PDT. 

Chicago GO Fest may also hold more surprises. Rumors speculate that Ralts will be receiving the fast move Charm during the event! 

Charms move data has been added to the game's code, and we can now know what kind of fast move it will be. 

Charm will have some serious capabilities in PvP!

Doom Desire also received a nerf. 


  • 80 Damage -> 75 Damage
  • 35 Energy Cost -> 40 Energy Cost


  • 80 Damage -> 70 Damage
  • 50 Energy Cost -> 33 Energy Cost

You can check out our full Jirachi analysis on its GamePress page below.