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I got my 3rd SB mewtwo 11a14d14s at L20. Worth power up?

Asked by chameleongohk
8 minutes 32 seconds ago

I have been using this formula:
But using this you get the dps of DT/DM Salamence higher than dps of…

Asked by s_a_n_d_y
32 minutes 53 seconds ago

How good is this Pokémon?

Asked by hondababe
2 hours 33 minutes ago

It's so damn bad that even when put on the 414 attack forme of Deoxys, it still lags behind Alakazam.

7 hours 17 minutes ago

I love how everone got super TO'd when shadow ball was confermed to be no longer obtainable, and then Niantic hits us with 3 moves that are debatably better than shadow ball. The main handy cap of…

7 hours 31 minutes ago

Guys, my best kyogre so far I got it today trading with a friend, he came with 86% 15at 15def 8hp
I should power up or pray for a better one?

Asked by mathmaths
7 hours 57 minutes ago

Id love to see a guide from you guys for a succesful Mew2 trio. Im aware that this requires some serious investments and is kinda advanced stuff, but Id like to know what are actually viable…

Asked by Ripperli
8 hours 25 minutes ago

So...after Community Day finished, these little nut-like thingies started appear everywhere! I caught 5 of them. All turned into Ditto and one of them was a 100% perfect IV Ditto! Should I power…

Asked by VrillonX
9 hours 12 minutes ago

These started showing up everywhere right after the Chicorita event ended.

Asked by RodConQueso
11 hours ago

Got super lucky and caught a 1300cp 100% Chansey. Evolve or max as is, keep it and use it in gyms/wait for a com day? I have solid defenders and a maxed 91% blissey. Dust not issue.


Asked by Chimera1902
11 hours 36 minutes ago

Just tried it with an ultra friend. Lick/Hyperbeam, just missed it. We had 6 out of 12 Machamps at level 40. Do you need all 12 at 40 to make it in neutral weather?

Asked by RickDeckard8
11 hours 50 minutes ago

Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Ice Beam Mewtwo is viable for scyther solo, with Thunderbolt being the best one. Thunderbolt Mewtwo exceeds Raikou in terms of DPS against Lapras duo.

As for…

Asked by Mr-ex777
14 hours 31 minutes ago

Can anyone tell me what the best move sets for this guy would be

Asked by hondababe
17 hours 10 minutes ago

i'm level 37, so EXp's not much of something I need, and Megnium's not too useful of a pokemon. might just go out get a good iv one and a shiny to stick in gyms or use against something like…

17 hours 23 minutes ago

So now that the clocks have gone back to normal I feel like I wish it was 30 minute countdown and 60 minute raid. Am I the only one??

Asked by SteveH2331
18 hours 39 minutes ago

I caught rotom! or so I thought... I looked at my phone at 1 am. thought it was the first rotom ever.. so i got out of bed drove over.. turned out to be a glitch or bug that turned into a ditto…

Asked by rc07
23 hours 14 minutes ago

I just got myself a 15/15/15 Mewtwo and i'm planning to use it against gyms with Focus Blast.

Question is which move would pair better with FB Mewtwo against gyms? Thanks.

Asked by KingBenji
1 day ago

1. 13Atk/11Def/15Sta CP2238
2.13Atk/13Def/12Sta CP2233

Or should I wait for another Mewtwo with better IVs?

Asked by TheKyogre
1 day ago

It suddenly appeared again

1 day ago

Bye bye weird hexagonal thing
It was probably accidentally set to spawn by a Niantic staff and they realised their mistake and shut it down

1 day ago