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Please add me!

Asked by Yelman
1 hour ago

Since my Togekiss has an unuseful fire hidden power, I wante to change its fast move, but will it change with Aerial Ace or it is possible that it changes to another type of Hidden Power?

Asked by Mad_lugano2
3 hours 24 minutes ago

I expect a "Git Gud" response but it clearly isn't the case.

Listen: I can throw and catch ANY pokemon easily with the exception of Kyogre. With the rest i still have a fighting chance but…

Asked by Mr-ex777
3 hours 41 minutes ago

So I recently leveled up and I thought you could only power up a Pokémon +2 levels higher than your trainer level. As I was powering up Pokémon to my trainer level, for 1 of my Tyranitar it…

Asked by Supersnorlax
4 hours ago

Trainer code

Asked by sweetie😘
8 hours 27 minutes ago

For those who played the main series games, what is your team? Here is mine:

- Infernape
- Krookodile
- Chansey (Shiny)
- Milotic
- Dusknoir
- Hydreigon

Asked by VrillonX
9 hours 16 minutes ago

Yeah, it's me. The crazy Tier 4 Solo raider. According to Silph Road and other related sites, Shiftry can be soloed, because it has a double weakness and it's defense it's so miserable. I assume…

Asked by VrillonX
10 hours 52 minutes ago

Note: IVs are A/D/S. Mons are level 30 unless stated otherwise.

I used a Sinnoh Stone on a level 15 Roselia (13/15/15). The Roserade got Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb.

Of course, the…

Asked by hkn
10 hours ago

Should I TM Solar Beam onto my MS/EQ Groudon? I heard it's better for PvP and raids against Rock types. (Really bulky)

11 hours ago

You'd think Zap Cannon would be the move of choice for Electiver at 140 but wild charge is optimal at 90, is there a reason why no Zap Cannon for this pokemon?

12 hours 30 minutes ago


Recently, I've found that the defenders I put into a gym will have their CP slashed almost in half very fast. Like 30 minutes. This has happened several times recently and regardless of…

Asked by Superloff
12 hours 53 minutes ago

This is all with the GP DPS data and using some excel manipulation, the most relevant entries listed below: Let me know if I missed a relevant entry.

Vs Groudon, using Kyogre WF/HP as a…

Asked by Lecafe88
14 hours ago

Us your likelihood of getting an ex raid pass affected if you raid on an ex raid eligible gym in a private group?

Asked by Peterbolam78
14 hours ago

How useful is rayquaza anymore? I was looking at some things, and wasnt sure how good it would be going forward. I know generalists kinda took a hit compared to specific coutners after the…

15 hours 55 minutes ago

Someone offered me a shadow claw gengar for my shiny wailmer or shiney snubull or shiney growithe or shiney marowak.
I don't care much for these pokemon and i am only saving them for a…

15 hours ago

It used to be a button on top and now that’s gone....

Anyone know an easy way to get there?

Asked by kyuball
19 hours ago

So I was just wondering what Pokemon were good for both of these leagues. I understand everyone has their preferences, so if any of you guys wanna share your "Go to" team for either Great or Ultra…

Asked by beeznuts18
19 hours 36 minutes ago

1st, if it got community day what move could make it better?
2nd, is Flygon usable in Ultra league? I know it is good in great but was wondering about Ultra. Thanks in advance.

Asked by SteveH2331
19 hours 37 minutes ago

Call me old fashioned, but Gamepress was my main source to stay up to date regarding Pokemom Go features. I don't really read reddit.

Is there a reason on why this section has been removed…

Asked by Sebhes
20 hours 33 minutes ago

I only have enough dust and rare candy to power one fully up. (I'll be looking for boosted ones so i can get it at lvl 25 instead of 20) Which one do you recommend?

20 hours ago