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Latest Questions


I’m having trouble deciding wether I should go for the lower level raids or waiting for higher levelled ones. What should I do?

Asked by PapaSmurf
1 hour 18 minutes ago

Title. Manaphy is likely going to be a special research breakthrough like Mew, Celebi, and soon Jirachi. What's interesting is that it's pretty much the only mythical where you have to hatch it…

Asked by milkz
3 hours 43 minutes ago

I closed the app while trying to see if I wanted to catch something. I forgot about it and drove home. Now I opened the app and cannot interact with a stop and everything flees. That’s a crappy…

Asked by daltry
7 hours 2 minutes ago

They dont encourage people to play with more than 1 account, but then they introduced the trading for people to obtain lucky Pokemons. I initially only play with one phone, but then seeing other…

7 hours ago

If you don’t remember to arrange two empty slots after the 50 km walk last week you can save it anyway.

1. Make sure that you incubate two eggs before 9 a.m.
2. Make sure that…

Asked by RickDeckard8
9 hours 27 minutes ago

Just got a perfect iv eevee, dunno which one to evolve it into, but I do know which ones not to. Most all of the eevee evolutions dont have match ups against useful legendaries aside from glaceon…

10 hours ago

Hi everyone, I have 2 Sneasel 100% IV. Should i power it up?

13 hours ago

I have only 1 dragonite ( i am sad ), at 2629 CP with 15 11 14 ivs, sitting at 40 dratini candies, it has dragon tail and outrage. Should i power it up? Are its ivs good enough?

Asked by JeffWhale811
18 hours 7 minutes ago

I'm getting quite confused about this... I've seen a post somwhere where somebody said that IVs must simply be added to the base stats, I thought something different...Let's take the exemple of a…

Asked by Mad_lugano
20 hours ago

The original sprites have been here since their release, and hasn't changed yet. Someone fix this.

Asked by TheKyogre
20 hours ago

With the new Sinnoh Stone, and Gen4 evolutions coming, which Piloswine should I power up taking into consideration the incoming Def/HP rework?

Piloswine 98% - 15/15/14
Piloswine 96…

Asked by yoru
20 hours ago

I was really looking forward to some proper rewards for walking 90+km this week. Went on a long walk yesterday without spinning stops (which was quite hard) to get some eggspaces and made sure I…

Asked by Saunter
22 hours 38 minutes ago

Hello everybody,

After Metagross got it's CD I think it is safe to assume that Salamence will get it's CD too in the near future. Can someome tell me it's movepool? Will there be a better…

Asked by Gregoire
1 day ago

You thought Gen 3 was the worst? At least it brought in the facade Slaking, the Dragon slayer Milotic, Metagross, and a couple other B-D Tier Defenders. Gen 4 is even worse.

Togekiss: May…

Asked by SleepySnorlax
1 day 4 hours ago

The Sky Forme looks awesome. With Hidden Power Grass (or Water to an extent) and Grass Knot, they'll be a force to be reckoned with on the Grass type side. The only problem is, it's a 2/15 chance…

Asked by SleepySnorlax
1 day 10 hours ago

With a good pure ground typing, it only takes SE damage from Kyogre (and the upcoming HC Swampert) for notable generalists, and it resists Rampardos' best moveset. (As well as SD Tyranitar and a…

Asked by SleepySnorlax
1 day 10 hours ago

With CD moves, they all top their type!

Blaziken: With BB it becomes the best pure Fire attacker, (With both Fire type moves) only let down by certain matchups thanks to its Fighting sub-…

Asked by SleepySnorlax
1 day 11 hours ago

What would Charizard be like if it was Fire/Dragon instead of Fire/Flying?

Would it be any better than it is now?

Asked by SleepySnorlax
1 day 11 hours ago