After walking Dratini since late January this has finally been added to my team if you cant tell from the picture this is a DT/OR 97% dragonite at lvl 20.5 it is going to take alot of walking but I have already walked almost 20km since the start of the event so I think i'm good I hope you all are having just as good luck.

Asked by Mike134410 months ago


Good for you. I remember your post about walking this dratini for a couple of hundred kms awhile back. Well deserved.

You have already walked almost 20km since the start of the event?! OMG, how did you manage to do that? Insane! XD

Some of the distance was from riding in a car. But that was a little bit of an over estamate but not much it is closer to 20 than 15.

I feel your joy. My 95 Dragonite just broke 3k today. You'll be there in no time!

by JHVS 10 months ago

Congrats man it's a monster. I also just got my first DT/OR this week.

Yeah I was actually near a gym when I evolved him so I was able to test him out immediately and he was still good even tho the gym was filled with pokemon with dragon and fairy moves... ouch!

Excellent! Always great to get a good one & keep you motivated.