Why don't legends have defensive ratings?

I know we can't place them in gyms, but we do have to fight them. Defensive ratings would show the strongest movesets to fight against.

Asked by pipjay10 months ago


You can't put them in gyms, hence they can't defend. Which is a shame because they're no better than your average pokemon.

I don't actually know why we're not allowed to put legendaries in gyms. It would hardly break the game would it, any half decent player would still take it down easily.

The hardest moves to fight should be pretty obvious.High DMG slower quick move, like Volt Switch with a multibar charge, or a charge like HP on Lugia, or SB on Ho Oh who is SE vs counters.

I would want it more for the opposite. I can probe ahead of time to see what moves a raid boss has, then if it is an easier moveset I can show people the ranking and plead with them to break into smaller groups so we can get more balls and more rewards.

My only other source right now is but they have a straw poll going now "Vote if legendaries should be removed from defender list!" and it appears they are going to be removing defensive movesets.