Why do you hoard stardust?

We all know or have seen accounts with multiple million amounts of dust. I myself have A large amount. But lately I’ve been wondering why I’m even saving it? I’m still into the game so this isn’t a boredom kind of question. I’m just questioning why I save it and wonder who else feels the same
I COULD power up stuff for a nice top 12, generalist or specialist for future legends and even max some perfect iv mons. I have options. But for some reason I don’t. And I just keep saving. I used to power up depending on my solo needs and the legend boss of the time but now my teams are all done.

Why do you save dust? Is it aesthetically pleasing seeing millions? Have enough generalist? Don’t care to solo 3’s? Big enough raid groups where party don’t matter much? No desire to power perfects? Or no perfects to power up? Or some other reason you have
Seems like I’m questioning my sanity haha

Asked by steven05028 months 3 weeks ago


My dust total is always between 0 and 20k.

If i had a million dust i know exactly where to spend it and could kill it in a couple hours.


High CP pokemon lose motivation faster, why power up a pokemon who lose motivation faster?

Gym system currently offer no challenge.

Raid on the other hand is more defendant on the number of players attacking.


I disagree on the raid part because unless you live in a huge city where theres always a big group. I live in a medium sized city and have seen groups of 7+ fail at lugia with most of them 35+. Alot of them used ttar and even some zapdos but when I seen a ttar die in 1 hydro pump I know that it must of never been powered up. While I have done the same raid with only 5.


As Housunkannatin stated a while back, Hydropump does 84 damage to a maxed out Tyranitar (assuming 15 dev and 15 sta IVs). Hydropump takes away about half of Tyranitars health. Maxed out Tyranitar can thus tank another 10+ fast moves and live.

My point: those Tyranitars are not powered up enough :)


I am sitting on 6.8 million dust. I generally invest in getting key mon to level 30.5 I have started pushing to make my Perfect Rayquaza to 40 but that limit is about rare candy that is not so easy for mew to come by.


I try but it seems that every time I reach somewhere around 400k I catch/hatch something really cool and I HAVE to max it out. I was standing at 700k this morning and right now I am a little over 300k


I don't, can't get enough in fact. And if I did, I would certainly spend it. Too many mon I'd like to power up if only I could.


I don't understand why people do this. Stardust has only one purpose. I like to keep a small reserve (generally, between 100K and 250K) in case a need comes along, but otherwise, I spend it as I acquire it.


I have questioned myself many times. It is just so pleasing to seeing the number go up, I cant bear to spend it. I am saving it just for the sake of saving


by Croc 8 months 3 weeks ago

I hoard dust, 1.4M. Have all the fire power I need in supreme, specialists, and defenders. Slowly pushing my best two 100% to max.


by SvEn 8 months 3 weeks ago

I currently have 1.22M stardust, and I make sure I keep it above 1 million at all times, but I would love that figure to be 1.5. For me, there are several good reasons for that. First of all, most pokemon I want to invest in are legendaries, since most types have a legendary at the top of their list. But for legendaries, stardust is not the bottle neck, rare candy is. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that could happen to the game as early as this summer which might require a huge investment to stay competetive. For example: a level cap increase. If we could all level up to level 45 and also level up our pokemon to 45, I would love my 23 maxed out pokemon to stay maxed out. However, 40 to 45 will most likely cost about 200k per pokemon. So for 23 pokemon, you are talking 4.6 million. An insane amount, so I would like to get an early start. Other possibilities: a battle system rework. They promised this would happen in 2018, and it could even include pvp. Who knows what kind of pokemon could become the best? Also, a stat rebalance or moveset rebalance can also drop out of nowhere, completely changing the meta in favor of pokemon like Muk, Donphan, Lapras, Swampert, or one of many others in which I have not invested. And then there is gen 4, which has a bunch of strong legendaries, as well as a lot of evolutions of old pokemon. It is very likely that we want to invest in pokemon like togekiss or tangrowth, and we already have the candies and high iv pokemon, since we have had years to get them and no good perpose for them. So all we need at that point is the stardust. So for this reason I try to find a good balance between having a powerfull team and completing challenges like trio ray, duo ttar etc on one hand, and keeping a nice dust reserve on the other.

TL;DR Future updates will likely ask huge stardust investments from us.


by JEFFXU 8 months 3 weeks ago

To be honest, it is good to see a great amount of stardust in the pocket. But fact is that i ll always find some mons to power up or max out as my stardust grows up. So for me, my total number is slways around 800k to 1200k, even if i got a lot in those 3x stardust event, the number just can t remain at a really high level XD


by muitin 8 months 3 weeks ago

My dust is closing to 6.3M, beside collecting and maxing out great pokemons, it’s one of my goals to reach 10M. Of course, I will not hesitate to max latest pokemons to level 40 like gardevoir, aggron, Groudon, Blaziken and M2. Different players have different goals, some are maxing gym badges, some are searching for best IV pokemons, some are collecting specific pokemons, some are building teams of high CP pokemons, etc.


The reasons I hoard:
1) Wanting to keep above 1 million in case of large meta change
2) Lack of relevant powerup candidates

I've been between 1,5 and 2,5 million for the last few months, just went down to below 1,5 a few days ago because I maxed a ton of mons in a short period of time. Since I have very good teams for everything already, I'm often in a spot with no relevant candidates for powering and rare candy keeps me from maxing more legendaries.

Luckily I can also accumulate it at a decent pace so most likely 1 million reserve is complete overkill, but I like conserving a reasonable amount of resources.


Consider that a hatched mon or non-weather boosted raid catch requires 75,000 just to hit lvl 30, and perhaps you have an idea of why saving up a bit is not a crazy idea. We aren't even halfway through the current generations of pokemon, and rebalances or introduction of new mechanics can easily shift which mons are worth powering up. I personally find the only very good reason to power up anything at all is if a particular team of counters is not performing as well as it could. And maxing out almost any given mon is merely a "for fun" practice, since almost every mon reaches its peak effectiveness well before its max level.

I always think back to the earlier days before raids were introduced and I (foolishly, in retrospect) chose to power up several Snorlax, since gym defense was currently the only PvP aspect of the game. Very shortly after (once raids were implemented), I regretted spending 1-2 million dust on mons that were of nearly zero use in any raid.


That's funny - just the other day I dropped a bundle of dust into a 91% legacy ZH/BS snorlax that was caught at a low level waaay back (oldest mon I have in fact) - didn't have enough candy to max but at over 3K he makes it into the top 12 so I see him all the time looking at my screen, makes me smile even if no great practical use!


Well, personally, the Snorlaxes I'm talking about from the first few months of the game were only between the 70-80% range, not worthless, but not ideal. And even though you now have a powered up 90+% Lax, it's likely outclassed by most Blisseys at just about any level, as both an attacker and a defender.


As a defender Blissey and Chansey outclass it, but as an attacker Snorlax is head and shoulders above Blissey. Blissey doesn't really have any practical application, Snorlax can be used as a tanky counter against some bosses if lacking better options.


Hi There! Well, I'm like to create goals for me. For exemple, take 6 of each my meta relevant mons (Tyranitar, Dragonite, Machamp) to level 30. Also 2 of each legendary with different moveset (like a Sb and Eq Groudon, a Hp and Bl Kyogre, a Ot and Aa Rayquaza, and so on) to level 30. My goal in a near future is to level then all to 35. Then max them out.

I save dust for period of time (usually reach 500 to 750), then I spend them in my goals. I also always keep 200 in minimum to some emergency.


by tR0N97 8 months 3 weeks ago

This will never be a problem for solo raiders/rural players like me. Raid bosses keep changing and i keep powering up different mons. The minute i reach 100k-200k i remember that i have a mon i have to power up.


by hkn 8 months 3 weeks ago

I am level 37 and have 700k dust, which I will only spend when the investment will make a significant difference.

Just took a Golem with RT/RB from level 20 to 30 for Lugia, since I missed out on the birds and my only other level 30 Golem has RT/SE.

For some attackers that are definitely worth the stardust investment, candy is the constraint. Hope the seven 10km eggs that I got from the event contain at least one wonder Beldum.

Once I reach level 38, I may start maxing out attackers, which will cost even more stardust.


My reasons:

1. I don't need better Pokemon to take down gyms. I usually use the few high level Pokemon I have to take down gyms. Seeing as most full gyms have a Blissey, Chancey and a Snorlax I can take care of those with one or two of my high level Machamps. The rest can usually be cleared by a Mewtwo, Dragonite and/or Golem.

2. In my area it usually doesn't make a huge difference between having a 3000+ Blissey and a 1800-2000 one. I'll get my coins anyway.

3. It's very, very rare that we don't get enough people to manage a T5 raid. Powering up the right Pokemon would possibly give me an extra ball or two, but I'm okay with missing out on that. Especially since I would have to spend quite a lot of dust on Pokemon I would seldom use.
I rarely do T4 raids and when I do we are enough people to manage it.

4. I always set small goals for myself. Before reaching 40 it was getting to the next level, reaching a certain amount of Pokemon caught, reaching another 1000km etc. One goal I've had is reaching another level of Stardust. First it was 1 million, then 2 and now I'm closing in on 6 million. And I do want to reach 10 million one day.

The one thing that could actually make me stop having that goal is soloing T3 raids.
I almost never do them, but seeing as they are possible to solo, that could become a new goal for me in the game.
Also, we have a couple of gyms where we try to trigger EX-raids (with much success) and it would be nice to be able to do a T3 raid there and not having to depend on more players showing up.

But for now I'm hanging on to my Stardust.