Why did they make Last Resort so bad?

It has the same damage window as Solar Beam.

Asked by Natalio4 months ago


Really? 4.9 seconds. And does it do 180 base damage like SB does? No? Well, then, this double CD sounds like it will fall flat. Oh, well.

We'll see if they revert back to the pattern of starter, 10k egg starter again with the gen2 starters. So psyched for Chicorita day, and they'll give any Meganium evolved the special attack "Wet Noodle", .... (sarcasm alert for the humor impaired).


It's not so bad. Apparently it improves every best defensive move and matches every best attack one.


It has 2.9 sec CD. Its not bad, just not amazing. It will be good in the future if some relevant normal type pokemon get it.


2.9 seconds makes more sense. So it's a slower Hydro Cannon or Wild Charge (a lot slower than Hydro Cannon).

Pretty much as expected, then. I'll evolve one or two high level pretty good IV ones into Espeons. Hoping to catch a few high level shinies, so that I can walk one and get a bright green Espeon.

The Umbreon with blue stripes looks kind of cool, but not sure if it's worth walking one for.