Which Raikou to invest in?

Asked by jamesharden2 months 1 week ago


Assuming IVs are in order of A/D/S I'd pick either 1889 or 1885 after dropping a fast TM on them. If you're looking to max one out for Kyogre they hit their last Thundershock breakpoint at level 38.5. Otherwise it's level 39.5 for the ones with a 14 and level 40 with ones with 13. The one with 12 will never hit it.

It comes down to 1, 2 or 4. If you want to max them it's number 1. I personally powered up a 13/15/15 and a 14/15/13 and they are great. They sit at 3100 CP each and I have no regrets.

thanks guys. was leaning towards one of the 15 attacks but thought maybe the extra stamina points could give it some leverage. guess not?