Which legendary to power to level 32 right now?

Which is the better legendary to power to level 32 right now?

98% Articuno, 15 Attack
98% Entei, 14 Attack
91% Groudon, 15 Attack
91% Ho-Oh, 14 Attack

Are any worth maxing out eventually?

Asked by Luke416x11 months ago


which ever one rocks your boat. Or wait until you know you'll have a use for it like articuno for rayquaza, or groudon with dt/sb if you need something for kyogre with blizzard


If youre thinking for current/ future raids then i would suggest Groudon and Articuno. Groudon with solarbeam will be a good choice against Kyogre and Articuno will be great for the future Rayquaza,Latios, and Latias(who knows when they will be released though.)
Entei is overall an amazing fire attacker, but fire types arent in high demand currently. He would be good for Registeel and Regice however.
Ho-oh is kinda niche but not toally worthless. Its still a very good "grass type" option if it knows solarbeam, again somewhat useful for Kyorge but not the best choice.
I personally already have Articouno and Entei powered up over 30 from their releases and ill also power up Groudon. No plans to power up a Ho-oh anytime soon though.


Right now I'd go with Groudon since it's one of the best Kyogre counters with Solar Beam. Articuno is going to be good later, but I would not power it up until Rayquaza raids pop up. Same can be said for for Entei and Registeel/Regice raids. Ho-Oh is niche, it does sport very good TDO in many raids but if you don't feel like you need a tank, don't power it up.

I'd consider Groudon and Entei worth maxing eventually. Articuno is going to get severely overshadowed by Piloswine in gen 4 and Ho-Oh doesn't seem like it'll ever be supremely useful if it doesn't get a better moveset.