Which Karp?

Hi Guys,

Which Magikarp is better to evolve?

Karp 1: 93% 14/13/14

Karp 2: 91% 15/14/12

Asked by Sully09887 months 3 weeks ago


by tR0N97 7 months 4 weeks ago

The 91%. Because it has 15 attack iv. It will reach its breakpoint early (low stardust to spend). Plus its other stats are also pretty good. So go on ahead and get your gary.


Whichever has higher level. If both are the same level, I would go for the one with 15 attack to potentially save a powerup in the future for reaching breakpoints.


Is there anywhere that proves this theory?

Only reason I ask is, Pokebattler says the 93% is the better attacker :/


On average the 93% will be better. There will be a few levels where the 91% hits a breakpoint and performs better. This is the reason behind the community-wide obsession with 15 attack. You can always* power up your 93% one more time to hit that same breakpoint and you get slightly more bulk.

*There is a very slight risk that at some point Gyarados will find a matchup where it only hits a breakpoint at level 40 with a 15 attack.


by pipjay 7 months 4 weeks ago

Assuming you want it for a water attacker, the potential breakpoints for Waterfall probably will not matter too much. Just go with whichever is already at a higher level.