Which ice type to power up

Okay, would appreciate some insight on which of these ice counters is worthy to invest in.

Lapras 12/13/12 cp1451 with frost breath/ blizzard.
Another lapras 14/10/13 cp 1436 with frost breath/ ice beam.
Jynx 14/15/15 cp 1431 with frost breath/ psyshock.


Asked by Reflexible8 months ago


Do you mean for Rayquaza? Jynx is the best option if you can find groups to raid with, though you'll certainly need a TM to Avalanche.

Otherwise, I would go with Lapras #2. Good IVs, and a neat legacy move that'll help ensure consistent damage - good because Rayquaza's high attack will kill you early and it sucks losing a near-full energy bar like that.


Ignore the Jynx until you can CTM the Psyshock into Avalanche.

Neither Lapras are great - the cp1451 is PROBABLY better to power up. The power of Lapras is in being a tank and lasting 1-2 extra Charged Moves, and the CP1451 is a bit better for that.


Jynx is extremely glassy, I would not invest dust into them for Rayquaza unless you're going for extreme shortmanning. The Ice Beam Lapras would be my top pick out of them.


It's very hard to make the difference of getting one more damage ball. Usually group size just decides that you're getting 3, 2 or 1 ball and there's nothing you can do about it, whether you use 6 Jynx or 6 Lapras. One Jynx is super unlikely to make any kind of difference and it requires pretty extensive analysis of one's team to come to the conclusion that powering it up is a good idea.


I'm lucky to live in a city where Jynx was everywhere. While others were not even bothering to catch her I stocked up. My best one is 98% and powered up to 2198 CP, has Frost Breath/Avalanche. I have used her in hundreds of battles because she kills dragons faster than any other attacker in the game, back in the old gyms she could do back to back 3000+ Dragonites. After not getting much use because they became rarer in gyms she's now #1 on my Rayquaza list. I've gotten off 3 avalanches in the 5 raids I've done before she feints. So obviously I love using Jynx. That said, I am raiding in groups of 10+ and never get close to needing a full roster.

Also, what is your TM situation? I'm part of the lucky people that have an infinite supply because I'm in a big city and have won 193 legendary raids, but if you are limited there may be a better use. And no guarantee you even get Blizzard. do you live where it snows? That 98% IV Jynx is sweet, but there WERE 2000 CP+ in the wild until recently. It kind of sucks that they removed Jynx at the same time Ray arrived. Those weather boosted ones are part of my suicide squad :)


Alright, yes, did mean Rayquaza, don't know how I missed that.

I'm gonna go with the jynx, got lucky with first charge tm and got avalanche. People aren't in short supply where I'm at so I figure throw the jynx first thing in to avoid the unlucky spawn kill by charge and go wild for that damage bonus.

Thanks everyone for the responses.


Id power up the ice beam lapras since it's 2-bar and can be used for Rayquaza raids but also as a way to annoy gym attackers using their new Rayquaza/Salamence/Dragonite. He's still gonna get killed in a gym but at least they will have to work for it a little


Just catch weather boosted spheals and evolve into double ice walreins... This is a much better approach than investing in sub-par attackers that will have a limited shelf life, IMHO.

Any dragonites already powered? If so, use them. If you have a good swinub or piloswine, also a better option to power up given the gen 4 evolution. Piloswine is now available in raids too...