which Exeggutor to power for Attack?


don't have a Extrasensory/SolarB yet...

Asked by MajesticOfInsects1 year 2 months ago


I would go with Bullet Seed.
Too much energy generated. It's a Solar Beam spam.

by Star1 1 year 2 months ago

Bullet if you like spamming attacks, Confusion if your patient and want to dodge. IMO I'd go for confusion since it does more damage.

I would power up the Confusion one, because despite being slow it deals a ton of damage - and it also makes it very versatile as a defender. I have a maxed out Eggy with that moveset and it's a tank on both attack and defense.

I would like to use it mainly as a Vaporeon sweeper...

I used to go with my ZH/Solar for ages, now with the new moves I don't know...

my BulletSeed/Sol is 96% but level 17 LOL

the Confusion/Sol is 91 and level 26

If you dodge everything and uses 2 attacks of 1.10 CD beetween dodges (optimal gameplay):
BS > E > ZH > C

If you only dodge chargemoves:
E > C > BS > ZH

They are all pretty good, tho. ZH is the worst overall option, but it's still a good move on eggy. I would stick with my ZH/SoB if I already had one maxed out.

I love ES/SoB, it is awesome against Vapes and also against Snorlax & Blissey.

BS/SoB is the one I'd go with, it's equally good against Vapes, not quite as good against the others though.