which Exeggutor to power for Attack?


don't have a Extrasensory/SolarB yet...

Asked by MajesticOfInsects5 months ago


Bullet if you like spamming attacks, Confusion if your patient and want to dodge. IMO I'd go for confusion since it does more damage.

I would power up the Confusion one, because despite being slow it deals a ton of damage - and it also makes it very versatile as a defender. I have a maxed out Eggy with that moveset and it's a tank on both attack and defense.

I would like to use it mainly as a Vaporeon sweeper...

I used to go with my ZH/Solar for ages, now with the new moves I don't know...

my BulletSeed/Sol is 96% but level 17 LOL

the Confusion/Sol is 91 and level 26

If you dodge everything and uses 2 attacks of 1.10 CD beetween dodges (optimal gameplay):
BS > E > ZH > C

If you only dodge chargemoves:
E > C > BS > ZH

They are all pretty good, tho. ZH is the worst overall option, but it's still a good move on eggy. I would stick with my ZH/SoB if I already had one maxed out.

I love ES/SoB, it is awesome against Vapes and also against Snorlax & Blissey.

BS/SoB is the one I'd go with, it's equally good against Vapes, not quite as good against the others though.