What is your machamp team?

I usually always beat machamp solos but I tried one today while he was weather boosted with dynamic punch and I was able to get him to the red but couldn't beat him. My issue was mainly survival. What team do you use to beat machamp while still surviving?

Asked by Yellow_Sponge4 months 4 weeks ago


Dragonite, mewtwo, alakazam, Latios

Realy anything that resists it and has super effective moves will do so long as they're powered up, dont be affraid to use rarecandy on hard to get pokemon, spending a few now can lead to a lot more down the road


I still lead off with a glass cannon. Alakazam with PSYCHO cut and Future Sight. Mine is Lvl 31.

Then I follow that with a tank. I have options here: Lugia, Ho-oh, and Dragonite. All at Lvl 30. I put these three in the even slots. So it will be: cannon, tank, cannon, tank, etc.

The other two slots are Espeon and Gardevoir. Garde is particularly good against weather boosted champ, as it is also weather boosted. If Machamp has a steel move, it becomes more of a glass cannon. Both of these are currently lvl 33.

I like using 6 different mon. Less boring. And I've done so many Machamp solos at this point.

Recently, I used a Psychic moves Metagross as one of the tanks, just to see how it would fare. It did fine too.


I did such a raid once with about 25 seconds to spare. Team attached.

Most didn't live long, but I had him down to about quarter health, with 80 seconds remaining, when Lugia had his turn. The double-resistance was definitely an asset, and this was before Sky Attack got buffed slightly.

Gardevoir's double resistance was useful too, plus he also gained the benefit of the weather boost for Dazzling Gleam.


Dynamic Punch hits hard when boosted, especially when the game is lagging like it was today and you miss dodges. I never get through more than four, using Lugia, Gardevoir, Espeon, and Mewtwo.


Espeon L36 CF/FS, Mewtwo L30 CF/P, Mewtwo L36 PC/SB, Ho-Oh L31 EX/BB, Rayquaza L25 AS/AA, Lugia L25 EX/SA. Since I put this team together, they have never failed me, in any weather against any moveset. Once, in the snow against double steel moves, it was close, but I still won.

As was said, there are a lot of good options. I never bothered to put dust into the double flying Ray or the Lugia because they don't need it - they were caught weather buffed, and left as is.


Perfect level 40 Espeon, E/FS
12/15/15 level 40 Espeon E/FS
14/15/10 level 30 Mewtwo PC/SB
15/13/14 level 31.5 Lugia E/SA


Many different teams for Machamp solo. This one was one of the weaker ones recently and it took down Machamp in sunny weather.

L36 C/FS Zam
L30 Pc/Sb Mewtwo
L30 Pc/Fs Zam
L30 E/P Eggy
L30 C/SoB Eggy
L25 Z/P Latios

Less than 10 sec left and latios was really low. Probably wouldn’t get a weather boosted DP solo.

Basically, a level 30 team since the extra levels on the first zam don’t add many HP and minimal attack increase over L30.


by hkn 5 months ago

I can solo weather-boosted Machamp with DP using only level 30 non-legendaries (IVs are A/D/S):
1. Espeon with Cn/FS, 12/15/14
2. Alakazam with Cn/FS, 15/15/14
3. Alakazam with PC/FS, 13/15/15
4. Gardevoir with Cn/DG, 15/13/15
5. Exeggutor with Cn/Pc, 13/14/13
6. Dragonite with DT/Hu, 14/14/11

Try your hardest to dodge the DPs. Even if your success rate is only 30-40%, dodging makes a huge difference in survivability.

Recently acquired a Metagross with ZH/Pc (12/14/12) and looking forward to revenge against HS Machamp (which I have yet to succeed against).


1. Level 40 Mewtwo - Confusion/Psychic
2. Level 31 Rayquaza - Air Slash/Aerial Ace
3. Level 40 Gardevior - Confusion/Dazzling Gleam
4. Level 40 Gardevior - Confusion/Dazzling Gleam
5. Level 40 Gardevior - Confusion/Dazzling Gleam
6. Level 40 Espeon - Confusion/Future Sight

The last 3 or so never see any action, but I throw them in anyway. I know my team is massive overkill, but I grinded hard to put it together. About 9 months ago I couldn't solo Machamp at all, so assembling an elite anti-Machamp team became a personal project for me.


You're almost there, just 9 more levels to go on that Rayquaza. I got one 100% Gardevoir and a 15a/14/14 Salamence to max and said, done with gen3 non-legendaries


I am using many varieties counter for machamp, but when i just want to win it, this is my team regardless of Machamp moveset and in any weather

1. Alakazam C/FS lv 40
2.Alakazam C/FS lv 35
3.Espeon C/FS lv 35
4.Gardevoir C/DG lv 35
5.Exeggutor C/P lv 35
6. Gengar SC/SB lv 40

The only different is in Cloudy weather i put Gardevoir at 1st position.


In cloudy weather, L31 unless noted
1) Con/DG Zam
2,3) Con/Sob Eggy
4) AS/Oh Charizard (L32)
5) Dt/Hur Dragonite
6) Con/ Psy Slowbro
If it autoselects Gengar and Gardevior, I'll trade the Dragonite for Con/Psy Gardevior. (Don't have one with DG yet).
According to the Competitive DPS/TDO ranking, CDP Machamp is a good self counter in cloudy weather. I haven't tried it yet, though.


My team is:
alakazam pc/fs
alakazam pc/fs
gardevoir c/dz
raquaza as/aa
mewtwo c/p
lugia e/sa

All are level 30. It seems to work in cloudy and other weather. Sometimes, the lugia sees action. I don't dodge.


I don't have the opportunity for Legendary raids and struggled with Machamp. Generally Alakazm, Espeon Dragonite and Eggys work. A surprisingly good tanky addition is double psychic Slowbro maxed up.


Honestly, I think the biggest factor is his moveset. Gardevior is by far the best against dual fighting Machamp (outside of high level Mewtwo and Lugia.) She double resists fighting moves and hits like a tank with confusion and dazzling gleam. However, she is weak to steel, so Metagross is a great bully option against steel sets.

If you want the best all around team, lead with some DPS, Espeon and Alakazam. Then put a little bulk, such as Exeggutor or Lugia if you have it. For my last pokemon I want to go with a little more DPS. This is the team I use.


Against DP or CC I go with:
L40 C/FS Alakazam
L40 C/FS Espeon
L40 C/DG Gardevoir
L40 C/SB Mewtwo
L40 DT/OR Rayquaza
L40 ES/SA Lugia

I don't remember getting to the Lugia many times, might require not dodging against a boosted DP. Against HS I swap Gardevoir to something that resists steel like a L40 Moltres.


Probly 120 of these were raids...80% of those were solo. I use 3 Gardevoir and 3 Espeon now regardless of the moveset.