What will your threshold be for powering up your Mewtwo?

Or if you already have one, have you powered it up? Are you waiting? Basically, what if you got a 10/10/10 Mewtwo? How low of an attack stat is tolerable? Does it still need to be in the 90s? Just curious on everyone's thoughts.

I ask because I'm on the fence on mine. It's 78% with 14 attack. I only have 46 candies with all my rare candies. If they don't push out more ex passes by Halloween, I'm going for it. The reason I haven't is that I don't have a huge need for it yet.

Asked by dantheman25878 months 4 weeks ago


Correct. What most people don’t realize is that a 10/10/10 still would be their best mon. I have a 69% Alakazam with attack 7 at lvl 30 helping me out with Machamp raids and several other “low”-IVs at lvl 30. Not spending 65 rare candies and 80 k dust would be almost criminal.

Same here I'm super on the fence with mine.
82% 13A/10D/14S

13 Attack, could be worse, could be better.
Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball are its moves though so that's a plus.

I haven't powered it yet but each day is an internal war to do so.

I like to have a threshold, but how much choice do I have?
After waiting a little bit, I powered it up!

My first is likely to to 30 unless really shity or a month passes truth be told i have 460 rare candy and i want one jyst so i can clear up bag space.

I have it easy. Got a 15/12/15 93% first. And then a 15/10/11 80%.

Exactly this, it has been more than 60 days since ex raids were announced. More even since Mewtwo was released in Japan. Still not a single ex raid has ocurred anywhere near my area. I have the feeling I will never get a Mewtwo, the hype is completely lost around here. Most people has even stop playing because we have got Suicune too with the beast rotation. So worst beast + no ex raids + starting cold weather + raid fatigue + no communication from Niantic + nothing else to do in the game....There is a huge list of factors and we are tired of waiting.

And the best of all is that I see so many people hyped about gen3 for halloween. Let me say that we are only getting 5 useless mon and that they are gonna make us wait until december for the hole gen3 release at least. Always expect the worst from Niantic, they don't learn from their mistakes at all, ex raids are on pair with city vs rural imbalance. I have seen people that already has 4 or more Mewtwo while 99% of the player base don't even know that getting an ex raid pass is not something they can control, that they are being milked by Niantic just to get as many $ as they can and they don't care at all about their players in any other way.

But, why??? What difference do you expect from a Mewtwo with att 10 vs att 12 at lvl 30? I can understand that you won't max it, but it's simply just stupid not to take it to lvl 30.

I expect myself to catch more Mewtwo in the near future. I know I would regret spending my stardust in that case. Of course, this is just speculating.

Have you actually done it though, Rick? Cuz I just took my A10/D12/S10 Mewtwo to level 30, and it was in fact an active detriment to the last few Machamp raids I attempted, much less helpful than my Dragonite of the same level.

It depends on how frequent these Mewtwo raids become and what kind of player you are. I'm not one to run all over town doing raids, I generally raid at the 5 or so (non-sponsored) gyms during the week where I work. For me to get a Mewtwo, it would take one of those few gyms to have a Mewtwo raid, the raid would have to be at a time I'd be able to attend, enough people would need to show up to complete the raid, AND I'd have to catch the mewtwo. Each of those steps have a pretty low chance of happening, so I'd probably power up anything I did manage to catch.

by aSp 9 months ago

Getting one, will determine if I ever power one up