What level 30 wild have you recently caught that you plan on keeping?

I know many are saving creatures to evolve when they can get maximum xp from them...well, if I catch something that seems big I'll just do it to see the moves. Caught a 795cp Eevee last week and rolled it, got 15a/9/10 Jolteon 2267 Thundershock/discharge. Today caught a big level 30 Onix, evolved it into a 9a/14/11 Iron Tail/Heavy Slam 1986cp Steelix. Yesterday evolved a 2413cp 9a/13/13 BS/Solar Beam Exeggutor. Anybody else spicing up the doldrums by evolving a few things? (More likely) Anybody saving an 800+ Eevee; 900+ egg; 1000+! Geodude; etc that they will be excited to evolve soon?

Asked by devshaw7 months 4 weeks ago


I caught a 814cp lv.30 Eevee the other day, walked and evolved it into a big 2539cp Espeon, with excellent ivs too (14a/14d/13s 91). Only buzzkill is that I rolled Psychic. But hey, I'm happy anyways.

Honestly I don't pay that much attention to the level, I just check the IVs and transfer everything under 90% unless it's something rare enough I would save it until a double candy event to transfer it. My calculation is that IVs are forever and level can always be fixed with dust at a future date. I used too keep >1000 CP rhyhorns because they could be cheaply spam evolved into good gym stuffers in the old meta.

I mostly get what you are saying, but my previous highest Steelix was 1780, now it is 1986. 2413 is my 4th highest Exeggutor, to me seeing that it got double grass means I'll keep it until I see a stardust tornado. Eevee evolves, bad attackers (Steelix); Exeggutors, even Golems I don't want to put dust into--some things are so common, I'd rather just have 6 of them that are ready for a raid. I have many legendaries, Dragonites, Tyranitars, and some useful 98% mons that need/want a lot of dust

CP in itself can't ever help you. I evolved a L30 Scyther with 6 ATK that is worthless as it is and costs way too much to improve.

Anything below 12 ATK is junk, period. Somethings need higher than 12 ATK.

Then I'm pretty sure any Steelix is junk, too. A 9/13/13 level 30 Exeggutor can hold a spot while I'm powering up a 15/14/15 BS/SoB, have it at level 32 now. I have 2 15 attack Confusion/Solar Beams at 2554 and 2510...I'll pokebattler check to see which does better against a generic Omastar boss, C/SoB with better attack or a significantly lesser BS/SoB***against a double water Omastar and no dodging the junk grass level 30 Exeggutor can win in 154 sec; 5 deaths. The better attacking C/SoBs that I would never TM nor trash are 160 sec

Attack IV fanatics can be that way, the way they play doesn't affect me...however, a higher defense value to go with a higher stamina value could make up for a 9, 10, or 11 attack in some cases...Also once a month somebody reports the difference between a 0 attack IV and a 15; then it is forgotten/ignored immediately and the IV engine of this game keeps on burning

by aSp 8 months ago

A lvl30 15/15/4 Shuppet that I evolved for dex and got Sc/Sb - sure it is not perfect but it is fun to play with at times, so it can hang around.
Zero stardust for a lvl30 Sc/Sb sounds like a good deal.

...and a lvl30 12/12/15 Bb/X Pinsir. He can stay as he didn't cost anything for a nice dbl bug moveset. He cost me 2 pokeballs, and no dust.

I am sure there are others, but these are the latest couple I can rememeber.

Special mention to 2 eevees...a 100% and a 96% (15/15/13) both at lvl29 so they don't qualify for this thread.

Just caught a 97 iv eevee today from an incense. 14/15/15 level 30 ads. Not sure if I'm going to max it out or keep it at 30 espeon. Most likely keep it at 30 since it's 14 attack.

Caught a Level 30 Pidgey and evolved plus Fast Tm’d it for this. Will be another project once I finish maxing out an Arcanine I’m working on.

Caught a kabuto. Evolved it to 1995. Perfect CP to throw in a gym sitting diminishing too quickly. Middling IVs & not the best defender. I will keep for a little!

Recently chaught lvl 30 and evolved with IVs >89%

Has been at least a little fun collecting lvl 30 pidgeys, rattata and company with great IVs too.

179 CP magikarp that turned to a 2771 gyarados with bite hydro, I'll take that as it's stardust free :)

Awesome, my last Gyarados (6th one) evolved into a 2778cp 15/12/13 level 30, Bite/Hydro. Maybe after some move/meta changes I can put something toward it some day. At the least, now not in the market for another Gary--I used to pinap all magi

by Arak2 7 months 4 weeks ago

Any "OK" Species I don't care about IVs, I only care about level 30

For example: Jynx
I would never bring any Jynx above level 30.
I would never use stardust even to bring a perfect hatched from 20 to 30.

But a 50% level 30 FrostBreath Avalanch Jynx I might use to quickly take out a dragonite. Or use it if Dragonite becomes a raid to get a little extra dps balls off the start. So it's a keeper.

This even applies to a few pretty good species that have low evolve costs. Eggy, Jolteon, Flareon, A level 30 Jolteon with 55% IVs works just fine against a Gary. A level 30 eggy with BS/Con SB I can throw into my 6 vs Suicine.

If it's something I plan on Maxing: It has to be Great IVs + Great Species.

If not, Level 30 is the way to go.

Just today, caught a lvl 30 shuppet with 82% IV. Turned it into a Banette, received Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball. Keeping it, at least until I find a better one with the same moveset.