Vaporeon with AT rated B in offense, but why?

I tried my 2 vapo - HP and AT and in the end the timing was almost same w/o dodging. Is it bad to try it on blisey? Was it mistake? AT vapo generated charge move faster bcs of HB bliss? Or just their dps is almost same? If yes, then mb it should be like DB/DC dragonite?Let me hear You.

Asked by vyrq1 year 2 months ago


That's the difference Hydropump makes. Aqua Tail is just fine against foes weak to it and in general but Hydropump is better, especially since it has a short activation window so it's good for players who dodge. I don't think it's wise to use Vape for high level Blissey

ofc, there are better counters, since i dont have good machamp ill use exe, but was curious about their dps

Dragonite's attack is way higher than Vape's so despite similar moveset Dragonite is better able to handle Blissey

ofc, but DB/DC is rated A bcs of friendly dodge style, yes? If vapo with AT deal almost same dmg w/o dodge why hes rated B since AT vapo has more potential for dodges. I am talking generaly, not really only vs blissey. It was hardest first mon i found in gym so it ended to test dps on it.

Lol it's ok man! AT Vape is awesome. GP probably changed the ratings for DB/DC because they received a million emails from angry DB/DC owners. Lol one of the strangest cult groups that currently play the game.

You should not compare ratings across species. The rankings for one mon are relative to other movesets for that pokemon only.

Why not? People have often compared BS to DC. Is it because it's Dragonite everyone gets touchy? In the post clearly says he wants to know why a 3 bar charge move on Vape isn't valued the same way a 3 bar charge move on a Dragonite. It is a very valid point and question and who are you to tell anyone not to compare different Pokémon species? What else are we suppose to compare AT to Aqua Jet?

I prefer AT over HP for offense just the same way I prefer DB/DC over other Dnite's MS. I'm one of the "cultist" of DB/DC. ? The reason why I love DB/DC is the flexibility to dodge anything without getting hit. Players like myself highly value efficiency. So we did get a little touchy when all the DT movesets were higher on the previous ranking list. I knew something was wrong when DT/HB ranked higher than DB/DC. I hate HB. Too damn slow.

I have Dnites with every MS and fought with all the DB and DT variants and fought against every MS. Offensively DB/DC takes out the most defenders. My second favorite is DT/O.

You'll prob time out vs Blissey w/ Vape. Vape can beat anything w/ either move set except Blissey. If you have to use a HP user against her go w/ Gyarados.

My max hp vape beats my max blissey, 93 iv both since thay made water gun fast again. Timed out tha days with slow wg.
If i miss a DG then I need a second pokemon :).
With my max AT I did not try, I suspect will time out with 2-3 seconds.

haven't used a vape against blisssey but espeon can take one down above his/her CP as can a hydro gary and even flareon works pretty well with a decent moveset all much better attackers then Vape and not that hard to get

Most experienced players I know prefer Aqua Tail to Hydro Pump precisely because of the effective dodging it allows for -- not to mention it's the only really good Vaporeon defensive moveset currently.

Aqua Tail Vape is awesome, and I wouldn't worry that it's only rated "B" by Gamepress. They aren't infallible with their rating system.


I prefer AT over HP for offense and HP over AT for defense. Basically reverse of GP's ranking.

Another thing not mentioned is Vap's Water Gun was nerfed with the quick move change so they do less damage compared to before. I think it went from 6 to 5 so that's 16% less?

Mixed in with not top tier attack stats (Vap=205 vs. Espeon=261, Dragonite=263) and Vaporeons will do a lot less damage in the same amount of time.

Yes, it's more tanky, but it's damage is much less against something like a Blissey where you can actually time out a lot.