Use of Rare Candies

I've got a supply of around 80 rare candies, and no good legendaries to use them on, blast burn charizrd's goingto outclass moltres/entei, and the only lengenaries i have are moltres, latios and zapdos neither of which have any good IV's, so would it be more worth it to use the rare candies on pokemon like salamence/gardevoir?

With Gen IV coming, i know heatran will be out (which i do want the candies for), but likely not until after the creation trio and even the Regi raids

Asked by MetagrossMaxis5 months ago


Dont use those rare candies on salamance nor gardevoir.
Use it only on legendaries.
Even if they have low IV they are still pretty good. You will eventually catch one you will want to power up.
If you want to free item space, then you can always use rare candies on mew, still a better rare candy choice than any non-legendary


But why use rare candies on legendaries that have bad IV's only to bide time to get better ones (if that even happens) or just better legendaries like heatran, wouldn't that be a waste of Candies?


Its still the same with salamance and gardevoir. There will be better pokemon than them (rayquaza is already better than salamance most of the time).
Usually legendaries that have low IVs perform better than non-legendaries (rayquaza is still a good example here).
The main thing is, you can always get bagons and ralts in eggs, or catch them. Eventually you will get candies for them.But for legendaries, the only way to get candies is catching or rare candies.
A time will come when you have 4 or more good IV legendaries, and no rare candy to power them up. Every rare candy you get will go to your heatran, but you will have another 2 heatran waiting to be powered up. Or 2 mewtwos. Or a Palkia.
In that moment you will see your lvl 40 salamance and the 100+ bagon candies you have and think "I should have waited for bagon candies and not wasted rare candies on him"

But if you REALLY want your lvl 40 salamance now, then by all means go for it. Its a game anyway.


i see what you mean, after a while hatching eggs and finding them in the wild would yield large numbers of candies, but that is not what i am asking about. This is a more immediate solution vs a long term one, of waiting to power up pokemon in the longrun if i get the candies for them eventually, or powering up right now to allow me to do more raids, either solo or in groups, to get better legendraries and more rare candies.


In that case, if your salamance/gardevoir will really make a difference in your raids, then I guess it would be worth to power them up.
Emphasis in "really make a difference".


>or powering up right now to allow me to do more raids, either solo or in groups, to get better legendraries and more rare candies.

Idk how it will allow you to make more raids. If you mean getting more balls in legendary raids you probably need hundreds of raid to reimburse 10 candies wasted to salamance.


Blast Burn Charizard does not outclass Moltres or Entei. It's a bit better than Flareon.

Using rare candy on non-legendaries isn't worth it. Legendaries with bad IVs > non-legendaries. If your area has EX gyms you should definitely save your 80 rc for Mewtwo which you can get before gen 4.


by hkn 5 months ago

Continue accumulating Rare Candies. 80 is definitely not enough; I am not satisfied with my 262.


There's a multitude of reasons to not drop rare candy on non-legendaries. IV importance is massively overstated, low IV legendaries are still better than high IV non-legends, especially since 10/10/10 legendaries are still very viable.

Right now we're kind of at a low point for T5 raids: Latios is the only twin that could be argued powering up and the Regi trio will most likely be dex filler for a lot of people since Lugia is the only defensive legendary worth the investment so far. The good news is that gives a lot of time to stockpile rare candies for the Gen 4 powerhouses, namely the entire creation trio and Heatran. Even if Heatran doesn't come right away you'll want to keep as many candies as possible for the creation trio, who could be the first legends we see if the Gen 3 release is anything to go by.


It really really depends on how Much you raid.

If you raid as much as me, (less than 20 from my gold medal) then ignore all those "Dont put Rare Candies into non-legendaries..."

Put Rare Candies anywhere the Pokemon is a 5k or more walk, and the pokemon is something you are going to use.

For the biggest raiders, between catch candy, transferring (especially if you wait to double candy event), you will have more candy then you might want to spend on some legendaries.

Also, if you think of it logically as well, I use my T-tars, Gardevoirs, Blisseys, Dragonites, Chanseys, more often than I use Mew2


If the issue was hundreds or thousands of extra RC, then MAYBE spending elsewhere to clear bag space makes sense. But 80 RC is a pittance. It can't even get a non-boosted legendary to level 32 or a boosted one to level 34, and powering up legendaries only get more expensive from there. OR it can get a single level 37 legendary to level 40.

By putting rare candy into non-legendaries you are at best getting 25 cents on the dollar return for your effort.


My RC issue is bag space. It seems that you are not having concern about bag space, you are simply wanting good attackers, NOW.

With that, see other comments about the worst legendaries vs non-legendaries.

A better solution for the more raids issue is finding 1 more trainer to help with the raids, saving the RC for legendaries and making do with the non-legendaries. Sure, latios can be trioed and powering up the right pokemon to the right point is necessary but adding the 4th trainer is far more effective.

Note: I was having a terrible time with RC bag space and in hatching/catching mareep last fall. So, I slowly put 50 RC into mareep. Yes, mareep. I had a Hundo that needed to evolve. Now, 1000+ Mareep candies. Wish I could get those 50 RC back. (I will admit that if I had a hundo Beldum or bagon, I would probably dump RC there...and then regret it later).


But you never know, that 100% pokemon could have saved your butt in raids.

and the whole internal debate I have is this:
Do I save the rare candies for when I get a good legendary (as even now because im a level 31 trainer and cant solo tier 3's), or do I power up pokemon so that I CAN solo tier 3's to earn BACK the candies I spent.

I understand, legendary candies are hard to come by, and that a bad IV legend is still strong, but a good portion of the legendaries that are strong now, aside from the weather trio and (maybe) raikou seem that they will be made almost obsolete in gen IV, while a goos number of nonlegendaries will have the advantageous type match ups


They just increased the bag space max. So if you are unsure at this point just by an upgrade or two and save them for the next gen or a new legendary.


Oh I missed the part where where you said you only have moltres, latios, and zapdos. Which means this is a brand new account, which means one of three things

1) you are new - advice don't be wasteful good things will come in time, if you grind enough you'll get better pokemons. start with catching evolving good eevees into espeon to solo machamp, which can be used on T4s (mainly ttar), which in turn can be used against legendaries (no rare candy required)

2) this is an alt account - why be wasteful? you already have a main account.

3) casual/returning player new to raiding - the legendaries out now are a bit ho-hum (true), but that doesn't mean this will always be the case. We don't know what the field research will bring after articuno. advice - raid in parks and sponsored locations and get an Ex-pass drop your RC into Mewtwo.


The first one is what I am, I already have a tyranitar, 98 IV, and I dont want espeon for machamp, because espeon and machamp are likely going to be next to useless when gen 4 starts, plus theres glaceon and leafeon, im trying to raise a bagon to a salamence for the lati's, gen 4 dragons and rayquaza raids. im just kinda stuck because I cant do raids solo unless they are tier 2, and the people in my area arent the most reliable when it comes to group raids

Report want to solo t3 raids but you don't want to evolve eevees into espeon to be able to do just that, solo the easiest and most useful t3??? Machamp is the key to just about everything in this game atm and will be useful for a long time. There is no better mon to invest dust into as a new player...salamence on the other hand is a debatable investment...


HOW is machamp going to be good, gen 4 has 4 psychic type eventual raids (lake trio, and creselia) Giratina that HARD resists it, the only good things it has is dialga, Gigas, Heatran, (possibly) darkrai, and then in gen V, only kyurem and 2 of the swords, but in all of those situations, there are going to be better options when gen 4 comes out, (lucario anyone?) after gen 3, machamp will likely be gone the second anyone gets a riolu, and thats not even taking into account the other types that will resist fighting, yes machamp will be good, but much less frequently, we already got a taste of this when rayquaza started, and when you get a good tyranitar or two, you dont need them anymore, people only got machamp because tyranitar, and its innefective agaisnt blissey because zenhead/Gleam

Meanwhile salamence (and every other dragon) and gardevoir are going to be FAR more useful as every gen from 4 on has dragons (creation, tao, Zygarde, U.Necrozma)


Blissey, Snorlax and Tyranitar will still be available when gen4 hits! For those psychic types you mentioned Tyranitar will be key! The easiest way to acquire Tyranitar again is having 6 Machamp. If there aren't large groups of players in your area rading that's the only way to success!


That, my friend, it a HIGHLY situational usefulness, if you have any good larvitar hatches, or DONT have a small number of people for raids, mchamp us useless,

and the whole blissey argument, everyone runs zenheadbutt and dazzling gleam on it, both of whch machamp is weak to, again, when lucario comes out, it will take far less damage from both of those, and that goes the same for all others, people just dont want to admit machamps not going to be ontop any more.


Although Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam are both super effective against Machamp, it remains the best Blissey counter because:
1. Dazzling Gleam is also super effective against Dragonite and Tyranitar.
2. Counter and Dynamic Punch are super effective against Blissey. Other counters (like Raikou) take neutral damage from Blissey but also deal neutral damage to her, leading to longer battle times with no increase in survivability. (Unless you have Mewtwo with Focus Blast or Entei with Overheat.)
3. Attacking Machamps can dodge Dazzling Gleam. Defending Blisseys cannot dodge Dynamic Punch.

Machamp is also the supreme counter to:
1. Absol, which is only available through raids.
2. Regice, Regirock and Registeel.
3. Other top gym defenders like Chansey (whose Dazzling Gleam hurts far less), Snorlax, Slaking, Steelix and Lapras.

Before Gen III was released, everyone expected Hariyama or Blaziken to usurp Machamp, so do not be too confident that Lucario will. Even if it does:
1. Machamps that you acquire now will have benefited you for at least a few months (just as the Vaporeons that we powered up under the old gym system earned us many coins back then).
2. As the second-best Fighting-type, Machamp will remain useful, simply because Fighting is the most meta-relevant offensive type.


I know a trainer with an alt account that started about the time raids started. They started with solo L1, got lucky and caught some decent magmar and pundits and got to soloing exeggutor L2. After several of these and some time and an espeon got to solo Machamp and that opened up the entire game. Now, that alt account is mid 30s and capable of hanging with anyone.

Nothing wrong soloing level 2 and building up to solo 3s, and Machamp in particular.


There is one tier 3 raid that you can probably solo: Piloswine. Good non-legendary counters include Gyarados, Vaporeon, Machamp, Hariyama, Flareon and Charizard.

Make building a Machamp solo team your next priority. Its best non-legendary counters are Alakazam, Espeon, Gardevoir and Dragonite (with Hurricane); also good (and easy to acquire) is Exeggutor (just avoid Seed moves).


Trust me, ive tried, I cant solo piloswine, I lack the amount of startdust needed to power up pokemon to levels sufficient to take them on, im hoping the charmander event can help change that.


If you cannot solo Piloswine and have very little stardust, then that is far more important to worry about than using rare candy.

Seriously, farm stardust, farm more stardust and then farm even more stardust. Gradually build teams for Piloswine (which has many easily-available counters), Machamp and Gengar.


Rare Candies should only be used on Legendaries. With the new quest system, getting legendaries will be easier if you can't get a team to do normal legendary raids.

I suggest to keep stashing the rare candies till you get a good Legendary Pokemon with good IVs. Larvitar, Bagon, Ralts and Beldom for example are rare to find, but way easier to get candy for as theres several ways to get candy for them as it is than for Legendaries. All of these besides Ralts can get hatched, get candy by feeding them in a gym and walking them.

I got 248 mewtwo candy alone right now, because Im just waiting to power up a third Mewtwo.

I suggest stashing all rare candy.