Trash or trophy?

Hi all,
Evolved two 100% dratinis last night, level 7 and 11 respectively. Been saving them for seven months now. They both came out with steel wing/hyper beam FML. Their cps are both below 1600. Save them for gym rework or.....? Evolved another one this morning, 91% and got steel wing/ outrage wtf.... Any of them usable?

Thks. (So very sad)

Asked by webh32231 year 1 month ago


The level 11 100% for gym defense, is not as bad as you think, since it is at least better than DB/HB on gym defense.

SW/Outrage, in my opinion, is one of the best moveset on gym defense on paper.

Maxed out, a 100% dragonite will be at the top of most gyms independend on moveset. This may change some time, but for now, it wíll keep you a good place.

by 9comon 1 year 1 month ago

omg, thats brutal. I would consider the SW/OR, maybe one of the 100 IV purely for gym placement

I intentionally evolved them separately, evolved three or more pokemons in between, just so to escape the back-to-back curse. Sigh.

If it's any consolation, I evolved my first Tyranitar today: Iron Tail and Firebomb.

I will probably never get another chance.

I will probably never get another chance.

It has been 2 month, since gen2 is out. It took you two month to evolve a Tyranitar. You probabely will get your next chance in June.

I'm in the same situation: I'm holding onto them. I figure all theyare doing is taking up one space for other Pokémon. I also figure that if mechanics change in the far future, they may be worth while at some point (or for trading). That being said, I would rather walk 5km for one Dratini candy than transfer a 100% SW/HB for a candy

by gibell 1 year 1 month ago

I feel your pain! My best Dragonite (96%) got Dragon Breath / Hyperbeam (last year),now D rated for defending. She was high level, so I have powered her up. She has been stuck atop a gym now since Christmas!

I STILL don't understand this obsession with movesets when you have a 100 IV.......
Sure, it would be GREAT to say it's 100IV AND it has DT/O.......
A 100IV Dnite has the potential to be the second highest CP in the game, as it stands today. If you power it up, it is going to stand at the top of any gym you put it in, regardless of moveset. It's a guaranteed 10 coins a day forever.
If someone wants to take down a gym, they aren't going to look at it and say, "Oh, I better not bother because the dragon at the top has DT/O moveset."
Instead, they are going to either take it down, or not, because of the gym makeup. If they are determined, that gym is going down!
The 'ideal' moveset over a 'lesser' moveset is only going to make a small difference in the time it takes and the amount of revives and potions. And, I do mean a SMALL difference.

Nice to have a good movesett on it, so your 100 IV Mon is not just collecting dust. I was a lucky sob and got DB/DC on my 100 IV nite. I don't even put it in gyms anymore, I have 10 Mon sitting on them right now. It's too damn fun to attack with

i agree i love attacking with db/dc nites. the problem with using them is right now the two most popular mons in the gym have been nites and t-rex. this makes me use machamp and lapras to take them out quickly. if it was blisseys or sniorlaxes i would use d9, but the matchups dont call for that. vaporeons have also been non existent lately in gyms. i guess since dratinis are hatched so often outta 10ks that everyone has dragonites now. the problem is he sucks as a defender but everyone keeps putting him in to be the highest cp in the gym. this leads to heavy gym turnover because a gym with 6 nites in it is so easy to take out.

anyone else notice this problem?

Agree, dragonites are not that good at defending, BUT, imo they are still better defenders than tyrants, gyarados, and rhydons. In other words, I think dragonite is the third best defender after blissey and snorlax. Dragonite's hardest counter, lapras, has been nerfed a bit too much. Tyrants, being the highest CP mon at the moment, are easily countered by stronger mons like machamp and even the common vapes. I have an army of hydro pump vapes and 2 good champs which could crush 6 tyrants in a row easily and I think taking down 6 DT dragonites in a row is much more challenging.