Transferring 1000 pidgeys

I find clicking on this button so satisfying. That little delay and then BOOOM the candies count. For a long time i have been wanting to transfer 1000 pokemon of the same specie, so 1000 pidgeys of course. The problem is I can't have enough storage to accumulate 1000 pidgeys. With the double candy event I only have to accumulate 500. Unfortunately pidgey didn't spawned enough during the event :( Has anyone ever transfered 1000 pokemon of the same specie ? How orgasmic did it feel ?

Asked by 3.72inchErect5 months ago


My plan is to never catch another Pidgey unless his Mega evolution requires candy to recharge it. Plus my Poke storage is only 450

by Sebhes 5 months 1 week ago

I once deleted 1000 shiny 100% pikachu with party hat. But other than that, my box is 1050 only so quite difficult. I liked to transfer al my pidgeotto as well after a mass evolve session.

That's a lot of dedication transferring them one by one. I mean, party hats and shinies are not possible to select for a mass-transfer flushing.

Ah yes, I can't even begin to explain how much of a relief it was to be able to finally get rid of the over 1000 pokemon candy hoarders I had stored waiting for a double candy event (way overdue). It was a pain managing my storage so that I could hold on to as many of them as I could for so long. On the bright side, I now have all the ralts, dratini, and Larvitar candy I will ever need, sitting at 2273, 1089, and a whopping 3279 respectively.

Woah, kudos to you for saving that much. You're set for life with those three species.

I wanted to comment since you said "way overdue" that no, it actually wasn't that much overdue. There have only been a few double candy events in the entire history of POGO and it was completely plausible that it would take 6 months to get the next one. I kept wondering why everyone was so optimistic that we'd get one soon after Halloween.

I butchered the screen shot. 316 ralts candies. Totally used a scanner the first week they were out. Not a single good one. Lucky enough to snag a few 95+%ers but after the scanners went down.