Tomorrow is Mewtwo! Optimal Group Sizes?

Tomorrow's the big day! What will your optimal group size be? How will you break up your teams? Keeping in mind that:

Smaller/Same Team groups get more items + Premier Balls Low level players may die at smaller sizes giving them less items and Premier Balls A cushy enough group size to not risk alienating a group that cannot kill Mewtwo in time What size would you attempt Focus Blast Mewtwo as opposed to other Mewtwos given the dodge bug and counter moveset?
Asked by WaterYouWading49 months 3 weeks ago


Last time we split into 4 groups. (2 mystics) Lucky enough to face psychocut hyperbeam. 10 took it down with over 100 seconds left. Very disappointing. Most people caught it too which is nice but too easy.

Most people at the Ex-raid I went to last week were more concerned with catching MewTwo rather than items. Therefore groups were sized (20ish) for certainty rather than optimization. Despite most people only having 6-9 balls, over half caught Mewtwo.

While I understand that an optimized group size/makeup can yield more balls for everybody, there are usually more casuals that don't understand this strategy than everyday players that do. These people are more afraid of not defeating the boss than they are about having 1-2 more balls. The scene is pretty chaotic with 60+ people hanging around a small area. So trying to have a reasoned debate with 10+ people who don't understand the strategy at the same time is nigh on impossible.

I'm trying to figure what size group to use. Instinct has 14 level 34+, while my Mystic/Valor group only has 11 (unless randoms show up). While that seems like enough people, most are below level 34 and I know the teams of about half of them (most have only 1 ttar and it's level 20)