Tier 4 raids, how many trainers?

I'm in a group of 4 people who have recently started to do more raiding, (I'm level 34 and have been raiding a while, the other 3 being lvl 30, 27, and 23). I've got multiple good counters for any situation, and the lvl 30 has a good amount as well, but our 2 others are still working to get there. I was wondering if our group would be capable of doing any of the current Tier 4 raids?

Asked by donniep49 months ago


I've found a nice little overview including difficulty, depending on your counters you could do all T4's + Rayquaza.

Note 1: Aggron is harder than Rayquaza
Note 2: Don't forget to exploit double weaknesses

Edit: Absol is by far the weakest of them, start with it if you are unsure and don't want to risk wasting passes (+ Pokebattler or the new Go Battle Sim can help you to figure out the strength of your Pokémon)


If you yourself have 6 lvl 30+ Machamps (or a combination of Machamps, Hariyamas, Brelooms with C/DP), I'd say definitely Absol and probably Tyranitar. Chances are your whole team has a ton of high level Vaporeons so Charizard seems doable too.

I wouldnt touch Aggron unless your lvl 30 buddy has lots of Machamps too


On you can select the average level of pokemon your group is using (20, 25, 30, 35, or 40) and it will give you a difficulty rating and an estimate of how many players are needed with pokemon at that level.

For example, with attackers at only level 20, they give Rayquaza a difficulty rating of 3.52 requiring 4 players (assuming they have the right counters at least).


Question: If, for example, it tells you that you need three players at X level to beat Tyranitar, does that assume that all three players have a team with six C/DP Machamps and can follow that with six C/DP Hariyamas if needed?

I am in virtually the same position as the OP. I'm level 37, my wife is 32, our son got out of the game at level 24 before the Gen 2 release, but started back up about two weeks ago and is now at 28, and our grandson is level 24. We'd like to help our son and grandson get a couple Tyranitars. But it's hard to find others in our area who are currently raiding anything other than legendaries.


Don't know the exact answer as of what the calculator assumes, but you won't need that many Machamp/Hariyama for everyone to be able to complete Tyranitar.

Focus on getting a good 6 pokemon party for you and your wife, I have used 5 Machamp and 1 Hariyama as anchor but depends which are more common in your area so you could take another Hariyama if you are lacking Machamps. And make sure they all are at least level 30 and have the right moveset (Counter / Dynamic Punch).

In addition, if your son and grandson have anything that can inflict some damage on Tyranitar (Vaporeon, Gyarados, Even weaker Machamps or maybe you raided a few Kyogres last month?), you should be able to pull it off. Aim for a Clody Weather if possible and it will become alot easier.

Me and my friend can duo Tyranitar with 5x Machamp and 1x Hariyama (at least on Cloudy). While I do have 1 lvl40 machamp and 2 lvl35, your son and grandson should be able to make up for that little difference.

A good way to build up their team is to do Machamp raids for them, even a team of 6 x lvl 20 machamps with Fighting moves will help alot in making the fight easy for you!


> Me and my friend can duo Tyranitar with 5x Machamp and 1x Hariyama (at least on Cloudy).
Cloudy make everything way easier: we duoed ttar with other guy who has only ONE machamp (and no hariyama). And all my are 31-35, all but one just evolved wild catches.


Yeah that's true :D I mentioned the Cloudy part mainly because it's literally ALWAYS Cloudy here so we haven't had a real chance to duo Tyranitar without it :( 1stworldproblems


If you all live in an area that cloudy a lot in PoGo, ask your group to hunt for the highest level machop or makuhita in the wild that their trainer level can have
Keep it, then evolve the best one and hope it get the good moveset. If not, evolve another one, no need to worry about IV, just the right moveset
After you all get six of em, you can try absol first when the group become stronger than you can try tyranitar and aggron
Bulbasaur and bellsprout in rain is usefull also for feraligator raid
Obviously you have to carry your team at first, but as they get stronger, they can hold their own as long as the keep their mon stronger off course

If your group can play together long enough you can try legendaries, as some of them can be 4 maned without being a super hardcore player,,,


Aaahh Feraligator repaced ? I am not paying any attention on that. Only raid Tyranitar, Aggron, and Absol for tier 4
In that case partly cloudy wild geodude can help


Start with a few machamp raids as a gang, once you have a few good machamp your team can easily 4 man ttar.
A weather boosted machamp is viable right off the bat with the right move set, I typically power them to 30(you only need to be lvl 28 trainer for that)