Is there any good to keep DP on Dragonite?

In view of the current boss, Latios here, is it good to TM DP on high level (L36+) dragonite to Outrage?

I know DP is legacy move, but not so useful/special as DC on dragonite legacy.

Asked by chameleongohk5 months ago


Actually my 1st ever Dragonite has DB+DP... I did not change it...
Beside from legacy move... I keep it to make my 1st Nite Unique...
Thats all...


This. Actually had first and second with DB/DP. Kept the first (L28 96IV) exactly as evolved and TMed the other (82IV) to DB/O and powered up slightly.


Is the small damage increase for a raid boss that's not even that useful worth losing a legacy move? Probably not.


Two reasons to keep:
- Legacy move that might be improved. I hope its time is cut by about half a second to make it a faster alternative to Outrage.
- Risk losing dragon move and bouncing between Hyper Beam and Hurricane. Those are TMs that you could spend on other dragons to get dragon/dragon movesets.

If somehow it is your only dragon but also somehow you have a lot of charge TMs, and if you are just a little bit short on enough people to finish dragon raids in time, then I suppose you could go for it. You are probably better off evolving and powering up more dragons though and using your TMs to ensure double-dragon movesets.