Strange problem with the weekly research reward. Can anyone help/has anyone experienced this?

I was in a sort of hurry when I claimed my weekly research reward yesterday so I “ran” on the Raikou and planned on just catching it later when I had more time (if you get a feisty one, those can take a while). Well, it turned out to be a long day and I forgot to catch it till shortly after midnight when I got my daily streak bonus and remembered. Well, I go to catch the Raikou and now, no matter what I do, I just get this blue screen (sometimes if I go in at the avatars level of view, I can see some clouds up top like in the pic I’ve attached) that I have to close the app and restart it just to get out of. Has anyone else experienced this or know of some one who has? Is there any way to solve this problem? Please and thank you!

Asked by theBosstin5 days 17 hours ago


This happens when you berry a pokemon and run away from it. There's a bug in the new update that won't allow you to go back to a pokemon that has been berried and ran away from. To avoid this, you can go back to a previous update with Android, or use a different phone that hasn't been updated and catch it.

Update with game-breaking bug has been forced. So unfortunately can't catch it until they release the next update that fixes the bug, hopefully next week. They have at least confirmed they know the bug exists and pushed back the deadline for catching stacked up research encounters before they cap them at the 100 most recent.

You will need to uninstall Pokemon Go first. Then download the previous version of the Pokemon Go Apk and install it. That will fix your problem.

by DrAzzy 5 days 9 hours ago

Or just wait until they release a new update to fix the new, worse bug they just introduced. It'll be there waiting for you.