Solo Gengar in celebration of Halloween! 63 seconds left


This is my second Gengar solo, the first one being a Sludge Bomb one (which I think it's the hardest since the move has an early damage window). Lucky for me, this one got Focus Blast.

I don't think you need Mewtwo for Gengar Solo. For non-Shadow Ball Gengar, generally, Gengar is the best for Gengar, and then Alakazam/Espeon. If the Gengar has Shadow Ball then you need 1-2 Tyranitar as anchors, depending on how good your dodging is.

Happy Halloween, trainers!

Asked by bioweapon1 year ago


Did the same yesterday :); my team is quite lower than yours (and one Gengar has hex, 3 lvl 29-30 espeons), and I used Lugia as anchor (shoudn’t) since I deduced from default lineup (no ttar) that is a ficus blast one.
With 3100 cp Lugia (machamp one, with sky attack) felt like an eternity :), from 62 seconds to 15 seconds.


And with sadness I see you have the same problem as me, 177 seconds at start on iPhone.
Wasn’t 179 more othen than not 1-2 weeks ago?

(For me those 2 seconds are crucial in my tries vs. flareon).