So stab is back up to 25%?

So if stab is back up to 25% is steel wing fireblast ho-ohs best neutral moveset now?

Asked by Fatguyy910 months ago


Fire Blast is 140xSTAB
Solar Beam is 180

For Fire Blast to be the best neutral move, STAB needs to be greater than 180/140, so approximately x1.3 for STAB.

But STAB has not changed, or at least none of the smart people here or at the SilphRoad have noticed, so this is a moot point. ranks E/F highest, but the numbers are incredibly close.

PokeBattler is more accurate and places SW/S higher. (Going against Snorlax Z/HS raid with sun to force Ho-Oh into the ranks of a neutral matchup.)

GamePress is GamePress. I think their Ho-Oh rankings are heavily weighted for Machamp raids, for whatever reason.


Yeah STAB hasn't changed from 1.2x

With STAB:
Fire Blast: 140 -> 168 / 4.2s
Solar Beam: 180 / 4.9s

if it was 1.25x:
FB: 140 -> 175 / 4.2s (which is much more appealing, but STAB hasn't changed)
SB: 180 / 4.9s