So stab is back up to 25%?

So if stab is back up to 25% is steel wing fireblast ho-ohs best neutral moveset now?

Asked by Fatguyy96 months 4 weeks ago


Fire Blast is 140xSTAB
Solar Beam is 180

For Fire Blast to be the best neutral move, STAB needs to be greater than 180/140, so approximately x1.3 for STAB.

But STAB has not changed, or at least none of the smart people here or at the SilphRoad have noticed, so this is a moot point. ranks E/F highest, but the numbers are incredibly close.

PokeBattler is more accurate and places SW/S higher. (Going against Snorlax Z/HS raid with sun to force Ho-Oh into the ranks of a neutral matchup.)

GamePress is GamePress. I think their Ho-Oh rankings are heavily weighted for Machamp raids, for whatever reason.

Yeah STAB hasn't changed from 1.2x

With STAB:
Fire Blast: 140 -> 168 / 4.2s
Solar Beam: 180 / 4.9s

if it was 1.25x:
FB: 140 -> 175 / 4.2s (which is much more appealing, but STAB hasn't changed)
SB: 180 / 4.9s