Shuckle IV inconsistency

Hey so I have 2 shuckles, Shuckle 1 is lv. 20.5 with 160cp and a 84% IV while Shuckle 2 is lv.22 with 159cp and 87% IV. Now what I don't understand is why the lower lv. higher cp Shuckle head better IVs than the higher lv. lower cp Shuckle because in the higher lv.s Shuckle 1 is going to have a Higher cp cap even tho Shuckle 2 has better IVs. Anyone care to some some light pls!!

Shuckle 1
Atk 13
Def 13
Hp 12

Shuckle 2
Atk 10
Def 15
Hp 15

Asked by Ryobae2 months ago


CP = (base Atk + Atk IV)*CPM * SqRoot( (base Def + Def IV)*CPM ) * SqRoot( (base Stm + Stm IV)*CPM ) /10

[EDIT: oops. Divided by 10 at the end.]

Attack has a bigger impact on CP than either defense or stamina.

Shuckle specifically has massive base defense stat and tiny base attack and base stamina. Attack IV will therefore have a bigger effect on Shuckle's CP.