Raid question

At what point are the amount of rewards you receive from a Tier 3 solo 14 balls raid better than a Tier 5 legendary x amount ball raid.

So let's say you receive 8 balls in a Tier 5 legendary raid, would it have been better to solo a Tier 3 instead, in terms of rewards?

Thanks in advance

Asked by trekjebakfiets8 months 2 weeks ago


by daltry 8 months 3 weeks ago

That is a great graphic.

Also worth noting is that you can sometimes solo a tier 3 using 0 revives. I’m now up to 191 revives and may need to throw some more away soon.


One of these days I’ll get a shiny 100% Absol it seems—while I’m sifting for RC


Heh. I've been two-manning Absol raids for a while now. Yesterday with cloudy weather we got up the nerve to evolve some more weather boosted Machops and do a Tyranitar raid. Now looking to try it in partly cloudy weather for level 25 catch.


It depends on whether you want rare candy or TMs.
For TMs, getting 6 ball (5 bundles) at a Tier 5 is better than soloing a Tier 3.
For rare candies and golden rasberies, you need to get up to 8 balls to be strictly better than a Tier 3 solo.