Raid Boss Buff???

I can't solo Machamp. This is my 5th Machamp solo and only failed one. I used the same squad everytime and always have like 10 seconds left (always won on first try) and this time the best i got it down to 5%hp and worst is 25% left (4 tries). All time out.
Machamp moveset is C/CC. I've won before with this moveset.
Dragonite-lvl 39 DB/Hu
Dragonite-lvl39 DT/Hu
Aka - lvl 39 PS/FS
Gengar lvl 39 SC/SB
Egg lvl 39 C/P

Asked by newbieyong11 months 3 weeks ago


by JHVS 12 months ago

Holy crap I hope this is a glitch because if not Niantic is the deafest company in history.

Agreed. This is nothing less than a giant middle finger to rural players if the buff is intentional.

That being said, I feel like it's not.


This will wipe my thin raid ability and I'm in a town with 25 gyms and umpteen stops.

I was skipping a raid tonight when I got a notification that 8 raidmates couldn't take down a Tyranitar. The alert uped our group to 11 and we did it.

If what I'm reading is correct about scaling then all raids will be private among lv 30+ players with optimal mons. All lower players (typically folks children here) will not be allowed anymore. But honestly it will just all fall off in no time.

Let's hope this is just a glitch. But seriously, what about the folks that just built 3* solo teams? No warning just thousands in dust wasted?

What a mess if it holds up.

Agreed. This impacts everybody. But rural players were already struggling to even attempt a level 4, let alone have a consistent 8-person team as you had.
As somebody who is part of a 200+ person discord who never struggled to find a raid team for any level 3 or 4, I still feel mostly for the rural player.

As for the dust waste? I feel for them as well, but that's part of the game unfortunately. Move re-balancing did the same thing to many of my collection.

They have been slowly watering down raids. First, TMs got much rarer. Then, bosses started jumping much more during the bonus, and now the raids are harder (unless it is temporary for go fest).

On the plus side, this may prevent everyone from having an army of t-Rex's and put some grinding back in the game.

Tbh, I think the game NEEDS to be harder. It's so easy to get everything. If everyone is Super nobody is. Plus, people will be complaining about changes regardless of what type of change it is

If you can take out Weezing solo, you have reached your goal so you must be happy already. Of course they can make level 2 a little more difficult, taking you a few weeks before you can do it, and then you will complain again about lack of challenges.

It was funny how everyone cried the game was too easy bc nobody wanted others to have ttars but themselves. Now it's too hard? God forbid peopl work for something. If it's not given away then it's too hard. Good