Quarter 3 or Quarter 4 update?

Q1 update was gen2, Q2 update was the gym re work
With the rest of gen3 coming out in December is it our Q3 or Q4 update? If its our Q4 update then was legendary pokemon our Q3 update?

Asked by MuSICisLiFman11 months 4 weeks ago


It's funny, because I never considered legendaries as new content. They were part of Gen 1 and 2 that were missing. Adding them to raids is part of the gym rework. No new content again. From my point of view, Niantic tricked us skipping one of their annual content additions...


same i never considered legendaries as updates but when September ended and no big update I dont really want to accept 5 pokemon as "big updates" when they hardly changed much since they cant be in gyms. My hope is that there's another update before gen3 rolls out like if its trully abilities then i would be ok with it if not then niantic couldnt keep to their quarter update schedule.