PSA - Spoofer

To anyone in the Webster NY area, or just players in general, see this guy, make sure to knock him out. he's a well known spoofer who'se known for putting regionals, shinies or rare pokemon at low CP just to mess with players and uses berry bots to keep them there

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There are a few known spoofers in my city and most of them aren't level 40. Their mons generally suck as well and they will give up taking a gym if berried against. The popular explanation is that they're just lazy, which is why they spoof in the first place. There hasn't been any sign of the tryhard spoofers with two dozen Blisseys since the gym system changed.

There’s at least one spoofer in the Irondequoit gym scene as well. We’ve set up groups to take gyms around town at the same time and he managed to take them all back within a matter of minutes.
Kicking spoofers out of gyms doesn’t really do anything to deter it. They get their coins and spoof back and retake the gym. Better to take screenshots or videos and report the account from multiple people. That or just wait for Niantic’s next ban wave

What evidence do you or any of the people “in the know” have that he or she is a spoofer?

Our pogo community here has been wrong about so many supposed “known spoofers” that it is a shame.... and whenever the indignace starts and the posting on public websites like this (how many people here from Webster , ny pogo community btw?) begins, 99 times outvof a hundred (I have been guilty many times, as well) it is basically because you are salty about not getting what you want despite the supposed spoofer in reality playing fairly...

We know hes a spoofer, he's take a gym on one end of a park, then 2 seconds later, the one on the opposite ends his, and theres no one around but the person who took it before him

I put regionals, shinies and rare pokemon at low CP into gyms, too. I will not invest stardust into them, as they typically are bad both in attack and defence. But they are rare, thus seldom seen in gyms. I put them there out of the goodness of my heart, so that other players get to fight something besides a monotonous series of sandbags every now and then.

Could be me but I wouldnt attack a gym who gets berries...Waste of time.

Berry bots do not exist in the game at the moment. No bots do. The API hasn't been cracked and until that happens, every action is made my a real person. Spoofers might have multiple accounts for feeding though.

Aside from regionals being suspicious (which ones? Have they been the harder ones to acquire like Torkoal? They could have traveled to Europe for Corsola, and Farfetch'd was released for an event), how do you know there's a bot feeding berries when it's so easy to feed up to 10 berries by just tapping on your mon on and on to get updates on the motivation and feed a new one?
Putting low CP mon can just be the person throwing in whatever they had around. I throw in shinies that I do not invest in and they are low CP too.
The only way i'd say for sure someone is a spoofer is this:
I'm next to a gym with no access from cars or houses, nobody is around the gym with a phone, and someone takes over the gym while they're not present.

Apart from berry bots (which as explained in an above post don't exist in the current API) I've done all of those things despite never having spoofed.

God invented these things called airplanes that let people travel to different corners of the globe. This is even less of a point now that trading is available. Am I a spoofer for dropping Mr. Mimes I caught while in Europe? Or the Heracross or Volbeat I got in trades?

Half the point of shinies is to show them off and a lot of them have been given away like candy due to events, Plusle and Minun being the most recent cases. This is literally not an argument.

>low CP rare/shiny Pokemon
See above but to a lesser extent. Rare Pokemon are good targets for berry feeding too. I drop in a Metagross and Salamence pretty regularly and have seen them hit 50 to 60 berries fed to them routinely.

I actually met a spoofer in person once. He was our server at a restaurant and started chatting me and my fiancee up because we had our phones out. I don't normally care about spoofers, but what struck me odd was that he was complaining about not having x or y Pokemon. Isn't that the whole point of spoofing, to get stuff like Kangaskhan or Tropius without having to travel?

This is not the place for outing spoofers. Find a local facebook group or something if you really care that much about it.