PSA Shuckle is impossible!

So, the time has come, the TRUE impossible solo, making Claydol/Jolteon look like a complete pushover, and fending of your rain boosted level 40 kyogres while chilling out.

Hope no one has wasted their raid passes trying to solo this

Asked by Lecafe882 months 3 weeks ago


Here is the real question, can a full lobby using only shuckle win?

OMG they put the mon with the highest defense in the game as a tier 3, that’s absulutely insane, if in place of tier 3 it was a tier 2, posible it could have been soloed xD

It's kind of funny.... the first time I see a Shuckle. Then I'm just angry that there's a tier 3 that popped up and I can't do anything about it. I would have much rather had Onix. I never got a chance to try one last time and I really wanted a shot at it.

Meh, I got a shuckle nest near the park, spawns 1-3 shuckles per hour. Not a big loss that the T3 can't be soloed, I got Aerodactyl for that.

The point of soloing T3 for many players is the challenge, not the pokemon itself (I'm included in that group). Shuckle is just impossible to solo, so it loses the challenge and therefore interest.

I know that, let me rephrase that: Not a big loss for ME. I know some want to solo stuff and if it were possible I would have tried to solo it too, but since it's impossible to solo, I've lost interest.

Jolteon returned to face its destiny after his nightmare Groudon was released and weather boost became available. Who knows, maybe Shuckle will finally see a similar comeback after level cap is increased.

by Dr. T 2 months 3 weeks ago

So, how is it to DUO Shuckle? I have not encountered it, so I can only do a rough estimation: With stamina 3000 and 180 seconds time, one needs a DPS of 16.7. According to the Counter Guide, two trainers together should be able to do this with a single attacker each. Is this confirmed? Or did I make a mistake somewhere?

Shuckle solo ?

I am not worthy
I will bow down to the boss and let it fade away in an hour

Whoever said all tier 3's should be soloable? He's not around for long so if you want to check him off your list, grab a pal & Buckle that Shuckle!