Problem with PoGo App

I recognized it a few days ago that when i'm switching from pogo to any other app and switch back the game always restarts. Anyone with same problem or an idea to solve this problem. Android user!

Asked by Rorschach3114 months ago


Because reboot made some space in memory.
Since month or two app also restarts much more often for me. So it just looks like 3 GB of RAM is not enough for pogo.


For me it has more to do with how long I'm in the other app. I can boot up calcy if and jump back fine but if a go to send a txt message pogo will relaunch when I switch back over


by Kazlu 4 months 1 week ago

The problem is available RAM. PoGo is a very resource hungry game and takes up a lot of it. When you switch to another app, Android considers PoGo to be a be in the background. If you don't have enough memory left to properly run the app in the foreground, Android kills apps in the background (the most recently used get killed last) until there is enough space in RAM. If the foreground app is light, no problem. But if it's heavy and you use it for a while (meaning it will consume more and more RAM), like a web browser going to several web pages for example, Android will need more RAM and will eventually kill PoGo, forcing you to restart.

I play with 2GB RAM, which is enough but I regularly see this as well. In order to minimize this, try not to use other apps for too long, especially if they are heavy, between the moment you quit PoGo and the moment you return. Don't open many tabs in a browser. You can also go back and forth with PoGo regularly to ensure it's the last used app and make Android kill other processes before PoGo. But be careful, if you don't have to restart PoGo, you may have to restart your web browser instead for the same reasons ;)