Potential gen 4 defenders

Just based on stats and typing, which gen 4 pokemon do you expect to be meta relevant as gym defenders?

To me, they might be:
- Togekiss (stats very similar to Golem's, but more convenient type)
- Rhyperior (great stats, unfortunately got double weakness)
- Tangrowth (decent bulk)
- Hippowdon (very similar to Donphan)

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Asked by Bop8 months ago


by hkn 8 months 1 week ago

There is one current species with great defensive typing (resistant to twelve types and weak to only three) but mediocre stats, that is "waiting for Gen 4 to roll around so that it can evolve and fix its problems".


140 238 217
HP Atk Def

It's actually better than mediocre,
to compare raikou has;

180 241 210
HP Atk Def

Attack and Defense are pretty close, only stamina is a bit low.

Unfortunately, double weakness to ground, and single weakness to fighting is not very good for a defender, assuming normal type meta and machamp counter goes on.
Funny how steel is considered defensive but only becomes a weakness in GO gyms


Ground is among the worst attacking types in the game. The single weakness to Fighting is more relevant, but does not stop Steelix or Lapras from being good defenders.


I know Electric and Steel are both weak to Ground.

What I mean is that PoGo lacks good Ground-type moves and (non-legendary) attackers. Hence a double weakness to Ground is less exploitable than a double weakness to (for example) Water.


Ground is tied with Fighting for having the most advantages (fire, electric, poison, rock, and steel) so in that sense, it is one of the best offensive types. But yes, you do have a fair point, there are not a whole lot of good ground moves in this game.


for now earthquake is terrible and precipe blades is not implemented, but somehow if it gets fixed groudon will be a great generalist especially during sunny season. Yet, my point was going through everything with machamp since gyms have multiple normal types. Besides steelix and lapras aren't doing too good on defense aside from bulk since neither force switch or slow down fighting types


A lot of viability for both attacking and defending gyms will come down to the moves available to those Mons when they're released. Metagross, for instance, could have been a beast defender if it had access to multi-bar charge moves since it has amazing base stats and excellent typing. Unfortunately, it only learns single-bar charge moves, which tend to underperform on defense.

Still, my money is on Magnezone, Togekiss, and Tangrowth.