Pokemon size and inventory management

I need some space so I started to take a look at all my armys of level 20 duplicates caught from raids and was about to simply transfert all the bottom iv's. But then I realised that I was about to transfert some mons that are gigantic, some rather sizable, some rather cute and some tiny. I have no idea what it means and how impactful it's going to be compared to iv's but if size is mentioned by niantic through the appraisal system it's going to be impacful for sure right ? So do you think it make sense to keep at least one duplicate of each size ? Or maybe keep at leats 1 duplicate that is XL and 1 that is XS ? Or maybe start guessing what is going to matter more for each species. For example we can assume it's going to be better to have XL T-tars and D-nites while for eeveelutions it's probably going to be better to have some XS (faster ? easier to dodge ?)

Asked by 3.72inchErect9 months ago


are you just posting something stupid waiting for someone to tell you size doesn't matter? ha, ha. very non-funny.

As far as we all know, size doesn't matter at all in combat - it's just a fun thing, like gender (so far - if they add breeding, then gender will matter). It does matter for the youngster (small rattata) and fisherman (big magikarp) badges, but again, those don't give you a combat bonus that I'm aware of.

I wouldn't worry about size at this point. If you have something extremely large or small, maybe save it as a novelty.

apparently he has something extremely small and is trying to be funny. and fell for it and said exactly what he was expecting someone to say.

It only matters when you rename your Pokemon to dick and the appraisal tells you that it is the largest ever observed.

Other than that, it has no value for now (disregarding Ratata & Magikarp medals, but count goes up when catching so not relevant).

In the main games, size/weight can matter because it can affect how much damage is done by certain moves. The move Grass Knot, for example, does more damage on heavier opponents. But given the battle mechanics in Go, I don't see them being anything but aesthetics without a total game overhaul.