Okay Niantic, thanks for the events, but enough.

I appreciate the events, but can we get a break? My wife is a very casual player. She has been trying to complete the "ghost quest" but we had this rock event, followed by this water event. Can we get some normal spawns for a bit?

Asked by KESAthans2 months 1 week ago


Yeah sure ok Niantic let's slight everybody so this guy's filthy casual wife can complete a quest that wont make any difference whatsoever.

Hey noobie, Niantic caters to armatures like yourself. The entire system is set up for casuals because people like you couldn't take out level 10 gyms on your own.

English is not my native tongue, but you're missing the point. I wasnt trashing him for his grammar skills.

With that logic in mind, I can see you missing the point earlier as well. Think about it, you're defending a guy who is complaining about NOT being able to catch 10 ( TEN ) ghosts for a Mythical ( do I need to fetch the definition ? ) quest. And for what ? Pokemon GO had no endgame and Mew is pretty much irrelevant anyway.

Get yourself some ghosts or don't, but don't come whine in here asking for a massive negative change for most people ( who doesnt like events ? ) for your OWN benefit only, without expecting some kind of backfire.

After checking the whole thread, you can see the crowd reacting badly to my 1st post for being semi aggro, but then doing a complete turnaround after realizing how moronic my target is based on his few replies.

Cheers folks.

Fair point. I've changed it to something less bad.
Not sure why people have given thumbs down on your post, seeing as you had a valid point, so I gave you one thumbs up.

Just go look for the ghosts at night, they keep appearing normally at nighttime.
Filthy is a bit much, just remember "filthy casual" is an expression.

They most definitely are out at night. Still rare, because they're about as rare as dragons, but less rare at night. I work 12 hour night shifts, and usually always catch at least 1 Shuppet on my way home from work every morning.

Go out at night, there are plenty of ghosts after 9 PM, maybe earlier

Gastly, Duskull, and Shuppet are all nesting Mons as well, so if you're able to find a nest in your local area (the Silph Road Neat Atlas is very useful for this), that part of the quest can be knocked out in a short period of time.

While the events have been non-stop, I'm loving it, as it's constantly giving us new things to chase after and breaking the monotony. I'm honestly hoping that the barrage of events is a temporary band-aid to keep us occupied while Niantic figures out PvP.

If your wife works 12 hour days then perhaps she should find another job that actually has something remotely resembling a work-life balance.

Either that, or cut down on hobbies. PoGo included.

I can see how these events can drown out normal spawns and make the special research quests somewhat difficult for casual players. There are field research quests for Gastly encounters, and as others have said, many ghost types do have nests. Given your wife's tight schedule, it would be a good idea to join a local Discord server for PoGO, if you haven't already. And if you have more free time than she does, you could go to a nest and catch some for her yourself, if she doesn't mind. Sorry about some of the hostility in the other responses.

Ghost types are rare pokemon. Even without events, it's super rare to see a ghost type. They do have increased spawns at night though, confirmed as a game mechanic. I see Shuppets on my way home from work (I also work 12 hour shifts at night, so no excuse there) all the time. There is also a common research task to catch Gastly. There have also been ghosts in the raids since the research came out. The events tend to remove them, but there have been stretches in between for a few days where they go back to normal. Your wife has every opportunity to catch ghosts. It seems like you're just not trying hard enough, or even at all, as that is a pretty simple quest considering evolving a Magikarp (which without these events would be near impossible) is a MUCH more difficult task, in which case you shouldn't ask to ruin everyone else's fun to suit your play style.

by SvEn 2 months 1 week ago

The sad truth is that there is so little content in the game right now (no PvP, no interesting battle system, no interesting gym system, no new pokemon for some time now, no interesting 'big' quests for the majority of players who already have mew) that people will lose interest to quickly without the events. I think there are two spots of hope for you and your wife. First of all, we haven't had a double xp event in quite some time, so that is likely to happen in the near future. During a double xp event, we probably have regular spawns, because people want/need the pidgeys (and all the other trash). So this means the ghosts will also spawn in a normal frequency. The second is that in the summer, we most likely see some more content. Be it level cap increase, be it a battle system rework, be it PvP, be it the start of gen 4. In all cases, they don't need events to keep us interested for a couple of weeks, so they will probably hold off on them. If all of this doesn't work out, you would have to wait for Halloween. In the meantime, see if you can make a nice romantic evening walk sometime, or check the silph road nest atlas for nests nearby. You would only have to spend an hour at most at a nest to catch 10 ghosts. Good luck to the both of you!

I'm loving the continuous events thing, especially this one with an abundance of dust, ghosts still out there, early morning I tend to see most, before 8.00am. Still rare tho but 10 not a difficult number to find tbh. Casual players obviously having trouble with this quest but the game certainly shouldn't cater to them.

We did have a short period with normal spawns, but I do agree with you. I'm not in need of any specific Pokemon to complete tasks, but I feel we are getting events a bit too often at the moment.
Sure, it's nice to get some extra stardust and such, as well as having an increased chance at shinys, but I prefer the events to be further apart.

I remember a time when the events were far apart and we talked about "I wonder if we will get an event in the next couple of months". Now we've had three almost back to back, as well as the Community Days (which I do enjoy, especially since it's only for a few hours).

To make this topic more hardcore appropriate, I've gained a total of 560 Feebas candy. 91 total Beldum candy (after walking it almost all adventure week). Can't convince myself to walk it 33 more candies. One of the 2 or 3 I wild caught was level 30 (13a/10/13) if I get there before a better IV I'd have a tough time refraining from evolving***however I'm fine with the stardust event, I'm doing a silly power up---shiny Hariyama coming up from level 8 (silly part: 12a/15/15)

by TTT 2 months 1 week ago

Spin pokestops for quests. Get the quests that reward a ghastly encounter.

My girlfriend and I did this for 3-4 of the ghost catches we needed just recently (the rest we caught in wild, they are out there, just rare).

by Croc 2 months 1 week ago

Ghost types definitely appear more often after dark.

Woke up to 2 shuppet and a misdreavus, stopped at the store on the way to drop the kids off for school, 1 more shuppet. The kids were excited to be that much closer to Mew (they're only allowed to play weekends and school run for streaks).

by Sebhes 2 months 1 week ago

I haven't been able to complete this quest either due to all those nonsense events. I'm not sure how it is these days, but I gave up trying.

I agree.

There is a real danger for Niantic of this turning into "Event Only" playing, with players doing the bare minimum between events. If no event is going on, there isn't much point to doing anything in Pokémon Go beyond keeping your streaks going and maybe spending that daily Free raid pass. So if Niantic keeps this up, it's going to be Event after Event after Event, with little to no "down time" in between.

That's not a viable long-term plan for a game like this because it means that if there is ever a need for a slowdown on Niantic's side, they could lose a significant portion of their player base - this time, perhaps, permanently. There needs to be incentives for day-to-day playing (beyond keeping your streaks alive) when there isn't an event going on.

So while I appreciate the events (and my Stardust levels are at a point now where I can actually max out some of my best Pokémon, like my Perfect Machamps, and still have some left over for when I get more Rare Candies to power up my Groudons) I wonder if I'm going to get to a point that I view non-Event times as "breaks" rather than the norm.

I agree that it's been exhausting, particularly from the raid front. I would have loved a break during Lugia/Ho-Oh/Kyogre R2 but they just had to drop their shiny forms to keep me at it.

It's been non-stop events for a long time now. When's the last time they had more than 2 weeks between events?