Network was terrible for EX raid that started 90 min ago

Took each of our many groups 32 minutes to not error/freeze and then eventually win. Maybe they shifted a lot of network capacity to Chicago...or maybe a huge number of players decided to raid Regice and catch summer Pikachu all at the same time.

Personally, at least I can finally stop trying to get more Mewtwo. The 9 I've kept, recent to oldest

Asked by devshaw4 months ago


I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and our group here was plagued with similar issues throughout the day and over the last day or so. Perhaps they're doing stress tests on their network or something?

Also, congrats on your 98 Mewtwo!


I didn't get my first 98% or better til Latias. Since then, 98% Kyogre, 100% Articuno, and this 98%. A typical city player average of 1.2 legendary raid victories a day. So higher IV RNG came around after 12 months in. Luck continued: born with focus blast and first charged TM it got Shadowball.

Maybe it is by design they aren't introducing a shiny Groudon or would overwhelm what might already be a network almost toppled. In this big city you'd have to taxi around all day and maybe only find 4 or 5 Regice you could even find people to help you battle against.