Yesterday for the first time I placed my shiny mareep on the gym and found that she almost does not lose cp. I read the post about cp decay ( ) and found that there is a gym cp decay formula,
CP_drop/hour = 4.975 * 1.001616 ^ (MaxCP).
Some posts say it only applies for when MaxCP is smaller than 2400, but anyway it seems weird. You know, it's very unlikely Niantic made such a bizarre formula. I kinda like mathematical analysis of games and in the past did much analysis for other games, and this formula doesn't seem intuitive. I think there must be an missing factor that was not considered.
Is there a improved formula for the cp decay?

By the way, by differentiating it I found that about 620 CP is where you can minimize CP lose. My mareep was about 680 CP.

Asked by heptacle1 year 4 months ago


by Dr. T 1 year 4 months ago

Yes, this function roughly fits the data, but is most certainly not the function used by the programmers. If I look at the data points given by DrThod in the linked article, what they used is an exponential growth function with a floor of 1% CP_drop/hour. I make the exact formula

CP_drop/hour = 1%+0.3%*exp(MaxCP/700) ,

with MaxCP the original CP of the undecayed defender. The limit, at which the 10% cap comes into effect, would in this case be 2381 CP.


Regardless the decay formula...
In other scenario... maybe somebody feed your mareep... team mates....