Multi-accounting situation in your areas

Here in Singapore, you can go to any legendary raid battle right after the egg hatches, and you will see half of the players holding 2 or more phones. Even for those with only 1 phone, they often still have more accounts to log out and raid later.

Taking down a gym solo with 1 phone is also often hard. There is no "10 berries in 30 mins" cap here for obvious reasons.

So, what is the multi-accounting situation like in your areas?

Asked by DragoniteSlayer8 months 3 weeks ago


Confession: I am also a multi-accounter myself. I have 2 Instinct accounts (L37, L34) and 1 Mystic account (L24). A few reasons:

1: I started to level up the 2nd Instinct account in July 2017, when legendary raids started. Back then I didn't bother with gyms, but I decided I needed another Instinct account to survive in my Mystic-dominated area.

2: Multi-accounting was already very rampant here back in July 2017, and I didn't even know it was cheating.

3: I stopped playing with the alt account for a while, and I found that I couldn't stay in gyms for long with only 1 account, as I would often hit the 10 berry cap, and other teammates didn't even bother to feed. So, the alt account was the only way for me to survive, even if it was cheating.
Anyway, the only single-account legit players left in my area are all Mystic.

4: I use the Mystic account to shave off only myself, teammates who have already collected full 50 coins for the day, or teammates who ask me to shave them off at a certain timing, and let me slot my mon.

5: I use only 1 phone. But sometimes, I borrow my friend's (doesn't play pogo) phone to duo Ttar and Absol, and as backup when attempting hard T3 soloes like Alakazam.

Anyway, my 2nd account is used mostly for defensive purposes, and therefore has mostly defensive mons. It has a CP 3022 96% ZH/DG Blissey, which I spent over 100 rare candy evolving and powering up from a low level Chansey. (It was the same Chansey spawn which I got my main account's CP 3160 96% Blissey from).
Other than that it's got a C/IB Slowbro, 2 C/DG Gardevoirs, 1 each weather boosted Snorlax and Chansey (TMed to ZH/HS and ZH/DG respectively), and a C/DP Machamp/Hariyama army for backup gym offense and duoing T4s with my main acc. The only legendary I've powered up (and maxed) on this account is a 100% Kyogre.

Yeah, downvote me all you want. I'm fine with it.


Thank you for attempting to provide justification for the fact that you cheat.

I don't know what the multiple-account situation is around my area is, nor do I care, really. People with multiple accounts don't interfere with my ability to catch Pokemon - 80% of my gameplay - and if they interfere with my ability to earn $0.45 or so worth of daily coins, I'll just buy coins. No big deal.


Fight fire with fire.

There are a number of players from all teams who use multiple accounts in my area. I recently became one of them.

Most of us are familiar with the three phone kill a gym without defender berrying trick. Did you know if you go in and mess up the flow by attacking you can sometimes cause an error out?

This has been the primary function of my sub. Im not going to sit around while valor rolls up to my mewtwo raid and cheats their way to gym control. Niantic doesnt hold cheaters accountable for their actions and its really a shame that sometimes the only chance you have to combat them is by bending the rules yourself.

That said a good pal in australlia caught a page of Kangaskhan for this account. Totally unessacary but hey if youre going to cheat might as well go all out.

If anyone would be so kind to load her up with Heracross please get ahold of me....


It's an exploit, not a game mechanic. Even tho it is not explicitly against the TOS, -generally speaking- any use of an unintended side effect generated from a bug in the code that gives an advantage to players over others is an exploit and always falls under the category of cheating. Saying its a game mechanic is the same as saying that the dodge glitch during multiplayer raid or gym battles is a feature instead of an obvious bug.


by Teddy 8 months 3 weeks ago

Even though I'm from Singapore and everyone around me at the raids holds 2 phones or have multiple accounts, I can't be bothered to create another one.
Too much hassle and effort needed, I just want to enjoy my game and play at my own pace.

I understand that you use multi-accounts for gyms.
But like someone in this thread mention, 50 coins per day is only equivalent to $0.75 for me and I can just buy the coins as and when I like.
Creating another account and repeating catching and spinning stops on 2 or more accounts or phone is boring and repetitive.

But to each their own.
Who am I to judge someone else play style
As long as you and I get to enjoy the game and not get in each others way I am fine with it..


In my city in The Netherlands we have a few rules that we all play by. All teams are pretty friendly towards the other teams and the hardcore players all know eacht other. Every team has 4-5 players that are their "leaders" (just the most hardcore players).

The rules are; no double accounting, no spoofing, no botting and no shaving of any sort. Even letting others catch your mewtwo when you are not able to is a point of discussion. Team Valor and Smurf follow these rules quit strict. Team Instinct doesnt do it as strict but that is probably because they are outnumbered.

If we see any people in raids with more than one phone we ask them why they play like that and try to convince them not to. But this honestly happened only once since june (atleast that I know of because I was there aswell).

I think we have a pretty unique community as I read this forum and I am happy with it.

Edit: It is really hard to prove that someone is spoofing/botting/shaving. But if he/she is doing one of these things and it gets proven, three trikes and you're out. And no one wants to get Permanently banned from all whatsapp groups and discord channels.


If I understand it correctly, the problem isn't multi accounting itself, but people who use multiple accounts to affect the gym scene negatively/in their favor, right?

I use multiple Accounts myself, but never placed them in gyms or attacked those to do so (why should I?). I use them only for Raids, because we have problems here to gather people for them - especially in winter (rural area, 25k inhabitants, about 30 players in group, 3/4 active - we have 2 Lv40 players here including myself).
I always see a lot of hate against players with multiple accounts here and at the SilphRoad, but I don't understand why - like seriously, me using only one additional account saved so many raid passes of mine and others that would've been wasted otherwise, that I think, our community really needs them, and until yet, no one of us complaint about that or could have a reason to.

In my oponion, multi accounters aren't the problem here - as usual, dickheads are.


You are the right kind of multiaccounter and I do not understand why your comment would get downvoted. I don't know why anyone would have a problem with using it solely to complete raids that would otherwise not get completed.

The problem is using multiple accounts to gain an advantage in gym gameplay since that makes it cheating that directly negatively impacts other players. As enforcing the rules is impossible, the solution would be to change gameplay so that multiaccounting doesn't create such a big advantage (ie. basically nerf remote feeding goldens) and then nobody needs to care about it anymore.


Multi-accounting sometimes makes it harder to get together raid-parties in smaller cities.

In my town there are many with 2 and 3 phones that raids a lot. If three of them get together in a car they take down every lvl 5 by themselves, with no need to announce raids or wait for others. Much more efficient for them, but the rest of the players may struggle to get teams together.

Not complaining, just telling my observations.


That sounds again more like a character problem than a multi accounting problem. Communication is the key, never had this kind of problem here

"Good" things can always be abused by bad people


That sounds highly annoying, hadn't really thought that might also happen. I assume you have tried talking with them about it and asked whether they could announce their raiding so that other people can join.


In Hong Kong, situation is like yours. people holding 2 or more phones in raids. I've even saw 1 with 4.


You know the foodtrays where you usually see at fast food restaurant?
I saw a couple of people holding that and placing 5 to 8 phones on the tray.

It was during last week mewtwo raids.
Just imagine that 1 guy "stole" the opportunity of at least 5 to 8 players off their ex-raid invite


I saw a guy during the dratini event with 6-7 phones, who had like a Yu-Gi-Oh type arm accessory so he could balance them all on his forearm, it was ridiculous


I've seen a few with nicks that looks similar and are on the same teams, in the same gym. At the EX Raid, one player had 2 phones, though I did not see for sure what the 2nd phone was for, one of them had its glass pretty damaged. But if they have different nicks then I cannot spot the multi accounters so there may be more of them around.


Number of players in all teams, though from my experience yellow has the most (logical since they have the least players) and blue is the most prone to using their children's or other relatives' accounts for gyming (which is not any kind of an excuse in my books).

Taking down gyms with only 1 attacker is getting increasingly hard here but it's not just because of multiaccounting. There are tens of players in each team that are grinding more gold badges so even if there are no multiaccounts in a gym, you can count on there being coordinated berry defense if the players are levels 38-40. Basically if you attack a gym solo and it gets fed once, you give up because you're not going to take it.


I personally consider the only scenarios where having multiple accounts as forgivable to be, knocking down your own gyms in extremely low turnover areas, and doubling up for raids that need more players in low population areas (keyword "need").


Of course, sometimes greedy players create their own low turnover area. Anecdotally: Close to my home stands a lone blue gym. I never saw any red players in there but me, and never a yellow one. But if I went there to take it down, it invariably was taken back within an hour, any time of the day. So I stopped going there at all. Now, there is still never a blue or a red defender. But somehow the blue defenders get renewed every day...