What is yoir opinion on multi account users, account shareres?
What is your opinion on trades that will, inevitably, happen among these accounts?

I consider opinions on this topic very subjective, and I believe they will be routine, especially because Niantic doesn't seem like is going to do much to avoid it (except IV changing upon trade).

Some people created one more account to use on a second phone, in order to help complete raids, which seems reasonable.

I believe the game will consequently and automatically change toward money-market-inclined, especially for shinies.

We take what we are given, and I think we must adapt...

Asked by MajesticOfInsects4 months 4 weeks ago


I genuinely don't care. If someone wants to spend their dust trading amongst themselves they can go right ahead. Not like Niantic can actively stop it, they have no way of know who is and isn't multi-accounting.


by aSp 5 months ago

If someone transfers all of their good mons from an alt to their main account then it will completely defeat the purpose of having the alt in the first place.

Why would anyone ruin a second account that they have invested time and effort, for the purposes of assisting in raids, as you claim, simply to add a couple more mons to their main?
I would expect that someone so dedicated to playing that they have created multiple accounts, would have enough decent counters on their main, and would not need anything from their inferior account(s).

This is such a red herring and when you actually think about it makes zero sense at all.

The things we need to worry about is all the new accounts created today, and got to level 10, that will be used as mule accounts to be sold on once a valuable mon is transferred.
It doesn't take much imagination to work out how the black market will work - the only thing is that the buyer will need to be prepared to wait 90 days once they have bought an account with the mon they are purchasing to make the trade, or they can spend massive amounts of stardust to get it immediately.

In 90 days time there will be accounts for sale online that contain anything you may wish for - scratch that, there already is accounts for sale online.
I am sure someone who knows they will never get a Mewtwo ( or insert any other legendary/regional here) will be happy to wait 90 days after purchasing an account, to finally add it to their dex, if they are inclined to buy it.

Multi accounters are not the issue...account selling in 90 days time is the big one.

It isn't the people with alt accounts that we need to be concerned about, it is the commercial scale of account selling that will be the issue.
I am sure that sites that sell accounts have already started preparing an army of lvl10 mule accounts ready for orders for specific requests.

There has never been a 'trading system' that can't be corrupted and/or abused by a black market...and only arrogance makes someone think they can be the first in the history of man kind to invent one.
Niantic haven't invented a 'black market proof' trading system (and I am sure they know this)...they have created business opportunities for those inclined to take advantage of it - and I guarantee someone already has started on the preparation.


All of this. Not even the main series is free from cheaters - GTS is filled with stuff where the user wants an impossible request (gendered legendary for example) just to gloat. It's entirely possible to get hacked/injected Pokemon through wonder trade as well. During my playthrough of Sun I got a level 100 shiny Rayquaza with all 6 perfect IVs and ideal nature. What do you think the odds of it being legitimate are?

At the end of the day, PoGo is largely single player and anyone attempting to get ahead with multi accounts won't affect you at all. Hell, while I never have myself I don't even care if people spoof so long as they aren't being assholes about it (bragging about having a Kangaskhan army or something for example).


I agree with you, but at the end of the day, how does it affect you? Any moderately active player has no issue taking down any gym. The fighting event was basically the same as giving people an inventory of the most useful pokemon in the game. The only pokemon that is impossible for some people to get is Mewtwo. But with the way Niantic ensures everyone has dozens of the other good pokemon, I wonder why they don't just sell EX raid passes for 5 bucks and have them pop up randomly like other raids.


The only way it effects me is that Niantic have to keep trying to find a way to make PvP without giving the advantage to spoofers and account buyers...and this may be part of the reason that they have not done it already.
This effects what they can and can't do with the game. This effects us all, not just me.

There is nothing in the game that is competitive at the moment, and that could possibly be attributed to these types of issues - having nothing competitive means it reduces the amount of impact that unwanted behavior can have.

On a side note, there are MANY players around the world who don't have a chance to get any legendaries at all (although the task system is alleviating that, in a limited manner)...Mewtwo is not the only thing that many players find it impossible to get.


The answer to this is simple. Who Cares?!? This is the kind of crap that took us 2 years to get to trading. Back in 2000 people sold their pokemon cards for money. Shit I remember playing for cash to. Recently I watched a guy make 40 grand selling a couple of his Charizards. It's part of the damn game let it be.


Anyone that creates a second account to try and improve a horribly imbalanced raid environment is ok in my book.

Other than regionals and gifted Alolan forms, I prefer finding my Pokemon myself. If other people want to waste an obscene amount of stardust or money on other people's Pokemon, so be it.


I am kind of tired about Niantics double messages towards multiaccounters.
On one hand they tell us it is not allowed, on the either they do not seem to take any action to reduces it, but instead make it more favorable.

- New gym system certainly favors it, try to take down a gym guarded by someone feeding from three accounts. or try to defend with one account against a multiaccounter.
- The raid system certainly favors them, sometimes I feel like the a tiny minority raiding with only one account.
- Now "friends" and trading will both give even more favors to those with several accounts.

At least they could have put up restrictions like one trade per 5 or 10 km. The two accounts must take different routes for half of that. It does not seem they care about it.


I only own one account, but if people in my group didn't have multiple accounts, we'd likely not be able to take down a T5 raid.

The situation is kind of ridiculous. There are 2 groups sharing this area, and one is full of stuck-up people who say "spoofer!" to unknown players or simply refuse to raid with people who aren't part of their group since the group was in its infancy. They refused to raid even with the people from my group even though we'd all benefit.
The other, in which I am, raids with anyone who is around. We usually go public, and there are two or three who bring extra phones, especially if there's few of us at a raid and we'd end up losing otherwise.

The multis I have problems with are the flipping spooflords who fill the gym with their multiple accounts after swooping in and taking the gym from under my or my teammates' nose.


3 months ago, i starting my second acc, the purpose is to duo T4, and to help in T5 raid when there is only a few trainers around to do it
I dont really care about shinies, a 100 IV, all i care is making a squad that can help my main in tier 4 raid.
So mainly Machamp for now, and Tyranitar B/C, and a decent squad for whatever the Legendaries raid in the moment.
My second acc do raid legendaries also since latias till kyogre, around six raid each just for preparation in the future raid
If i really need it for battle probably i will trade from my main to my seconds pokemon like dratini for example cos it dont have a decent one


They could very easy remove the need for multiaccounts in raids.

Just remove the time limit (180/300s).

Ok, you may be able to solo a Kyogre, but you need a good team maybe 15 mins and a load of potions. (Much more an accomplishment than to participate in a 10+ raid )


Half the point of raid type fights is to do it under a certain time limit. I can already hear the bitching about heals being too scarce from level 20 idiots trying to solo a Kyogre, or that the higher raids are too hard to begin with.

The other half is that Pokemon Go is intended to be a social game, and raids were a much needed addition to bring that point home. If someone wants to play it entirely solo there's an entire series of Pokemon games that already exist where they can do that.


I get the impression that trading will represent an opportunity to recycle Mons that would otherwise be transferred to the professor. There is no point in trading valuable Mons with high IV and/or level anyway since these parameters are reshuffled. Systematic trading of potentially useful Mons with trash IV and/or level may be a viable strategy if stardust costs are reasonable. Such a strategy could be particularly beneficial for multi-accounters since increased friend-ship levels increase the probability of obtaining Mons with high IV/ level. Time for a second account folks!


I don’t think trading will be a big deal, except for making regionals less rare with trades. However the Friendship thing I see being taken advantage of. Multi accounters will of course becomes best friends with themselves and give them selves bonus balls and better damage for themselves. It’s like Niantic wants multi accounts. I wonder how much stronger they will become. I’ve seen 3 people take down a Latios. I wonder if with two Best Friends if they will be able to duo a couple legendarys.


Only issue I have with multi-accounters are the people with four, six, or twelve accounts hogging a gym for themselves. I can understand putting in your alts if the gym is in a secluded area, since a single mon in a gym is extremely vulnerable, but when you're in a high traffic area? That's just messed up.

Even worse if that multi-accounter stole the gym from someone else, if someone took the trouble to take down most of the mons, let him have priority.

As for trading, black-market trades will definitely take place, and Niantic will not be able to completely squash it. It's the same with goldfarming in MMOs.