Mewtwo Powerup

Would you powerup a mewtwo with 15A 15D 10S? 2248 CP from mewtwo raid.

Asked by Yellow_Sponge2 months 1 week ago


Yup. A strong candidate I would say. Unless you have others (emphasis on plural) with better IV, I don’t see why not

At level 40, the difference between your Mewtwo and a 100% Mewtwo will come down to 4 hitpoints, and that's it. Personally, yes, I would invest in it since I consider the attack/defense IVs to be more important than stamina.

If you've been regularly getting EX passes, there's nothing wrong with holding out to see if you get a better one, but the one you have is also a good candidate for powering up.

Better send it to the professor for evaluation.

In all seriousness any Mewtwo with 15 attack is worth powering up.

To quote the Bit from the original Tron movie:

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Freakin' yes. 18 EX-Raids and still nothin that good.

In my group of four players two of them have 98%s and the other caught a 100% yesterday.


Attended/caught 13 Mewtwo, just three were above 2230. Lucky one with a 15a/11d/15s (which I maxed). Also recently got a 2235 and 2236...14/14/10 and 15a/11/12. Caught three below 2200.

by hkn 2 months 1 week ago

What is a Mewtwo?

Seriously, yes.

I caught the same one, and maxed it out. Although, I have done several more ex raids since, I haven't caught a better one, and have no regrets.

Only if you think you would benefit from a decent raid filler or a subpar alternative to Machamp.
I did max a one similar to yours but, even though I don't regret having a 3960CP Mewtwo, I wouldn't do it again.