I recently got my first EX raid and caught Mewtwo. It's IV's aren't great (10a 11d 13s). However, I still want to power it up. It has PC/SB. Is confusion better than Psyco Cut from an attacking standpoint. Should I TM or not and should I just bring it to level 30?

Asked by CatchemNate511 months ago


Congrats on your Mewtwo.

I think the fast move you want depends on your play style. If you dodge a lot, you’ll probably want PC. That move is really quick but has much lower damage output. It does, however, build up energy faster, so you can fire off more Shadow Balls. Personally, I don’t bother dodging much these days unless it’s a charge move that announces itself well in advance of hitting. So I prefer Confusion for its superior power.

My Mewtwo is 76% (11/11/12) with C/SB and is currently at level 35. I love using it.


I would encourage you to hold off a little while longer. If you refuse to than you should TM it, as IVs more greatly effect faster weaker moves, than slower stronger ones.


Are you really going to regret wasting the dust/rare candy needed to power up a Mewtwo to level 30 (if you caught a better one down the road)?

Unless you're getting an EX pass every week, when's the next chance you're going to have to catch one? For all we know, there won't be any more Mewtwo raids and the ex passes will go for HoOh.


Confusion - Shadowball is a better generalist moveset
Psycho Cut - Shadow Ball counters Psychics harder

I would prefer Confusion due to higher usability and greater Breakpoint tolerance

BUT... if you decide do get Focusblast, I would stick to Psycho Cut


I waited a whole week before I finally decided to power up my 10/10/13 (ADS) Mewtwo. It has cFB. My only regret was not powering up the moment I caught it. It hits blissey, chancey and snorlax, etc. so hard it feels like two trainers are attacking the gym.

To help clear your head, from this site Mewtwo has as 300 attack. Each attack IV adds 1/300. Meaning each attack IV is .003333 of the total attack. You will never feel the difference from a 10 vs a 15 attack IV. The only difference is ego on your part.

I feel it is worse to catch a Mewtwo and let it just sit there because of some silly belief that IVs will make a noticeable difference than actually never catching one.

also if you have enough fast TMs play using PC, then switch to C. Then if you liked PC better switch back.


Your statement "Each attack IV adds 1/300. Meaning each attack IV is .003333 of the total attack" isn't really accurate, because damage per attack is rounded down to the nearest whole number. A higher attack IV means that the next whole number for the quick attack will be achieved at a lower level. This makes a significant difference for weak but fast moves like psycho cut.

In some cases (e.g. Mewtwo with psycho cut against Machamp raid boss), a 15 ATT IV will make it possible to achieve a higher whole number for damage that can never be achieved by the same Mewtwo with 10 ATT IV. In other cases, the same level of damage can be achieved, but only if the one with 10 ATT IV is powered up to a higher level.

The difference between a 15 & 10 attack IV doesn't always make much of a difference, but sometimes it does.


ok so let me understand better.
Because it is possible that you might achieve a breakpoint sooner with a 15 attack vs a 10 attack which would be the difference of maybe what? When you solo a machamp there will be 15 seconds left instead of 10?
I now have a mewtwo (10 attack IV) that I've already taken into over 700+ battles. It crushes almost everything. I actually giggle when I use the focus blast charge move. It is very potion efficient.
You are letting your mewtwo sit there ignored because it is just not good enough for you because 310 total attack vs 315 total attack might make a difference. You are not even sure about exactly what difference it might make.
I guess your reasons are sound for you.


There isn't anyway to evaluate damage in a vacuum.

You need to consider both the defender and the fact that damage only occurs in whole numbers.

Couple that with the fact that there are far too few levels available, relative to stat totals, to make your back-of-the-napkin calculations worthwhile.


No. I'm letting my Mewtwo sit there ignored because I have a finite amount of rare/Mewtwo candies, and a finite amount of stardust. I have a high degree of confidence that I will catch one or more additional Mewtwos in the relatively near future, and a VERY high degree of confidence that it/they will have higher IV's than my 10/10/10 example.

Also, I would prefer to have one maxed Mewtwo as opposed to several level 30 Mewtwos, and if I max the 10/10/10, it will be a very long time before I can max another one. If I thought my current Mewtwo would be the only one I will get for a very long time, or ever, then I would be happy with it & would have no hesitation about maxing it out.

I've won and lost a few raids, both solo and cooperative, where 2-3 seconds would have made a difference in the success or failure of the raid, so yes, sometimes the breakpoints make a real difference..

You can play your way, and I'll play mine. I'm not arguing with your choice to use your Mewtwo; I'm just arguing with your flawed logic that an attack IV difference of one equals a .003333 difference in attack power.


What I'm saying is (using my "flawed logic")
A shuckle has a base attack of 17. The difference of a 10 iv and a 15 iv is huge, attack of 27 vs 32 is pretty big.
But you are not going to convince me that an attack of 310 vs 315 is going to make a difference.
Now if PvP becomes a thing, than maybe the 100iv mon has an advantage.


Confusion does more DPS if unresisted, whereas Psycho Cut has higher energy gain which allows you to use your charge move more often, which makes it better when your quick move is resisted especially if your charge move is super effective.

I think just bring it to level 30 is fine. It'll be one of your best Pokemon even if not maxed out, and the gains for powering past 30 are much more expensive. Not to say that this Mewtwo can't or shouldn't be powered past 30, but you might regret it later on.


My only Mewtwo is 10/10/10, and as much as I want a powered up Mewtwo, I am not powering this one up for now. I believe there is a very high probability that I will have the opportunity to catch another Mewtwo (which, according to aSp, makes me "borderline delusional" lol), and I prefer to save my candies and stardust to fully power up one Mewtwo to a very high level.

My daughter has a 12/15/14 C/SBMewtwo powered up to level 34.5 (her max), and I have tried it out for attacking a few times. It is a very good generalist, but it is not a game-changer, except possibly against Gengar and Alakazam raid bosses. So, I don't mind waiting a month or two to see if I can possibly get a better Mewtwo for myself.

To your TM question, as others have said, PC is better if psychic moves are resisted, and C is better if they are unresisted. However, the difference between the two seems to be much greater when psychic moves are unresisted, so I would favor confusion in the current meta (which will undoubtedly change at some point).


You'll eventually want more than one Mewtwo anyway. I'm powering up my 11/11/10 PC/SB to level 30.