Machamp choice resolved.

After doing many raids, I find myself with a bunch of fairly low IV (for raids) Machamps, and one at 98% that I evolved. Here's the half-decent ones, (a/d/s):
15/14/15 20.5 1687, BP/CC
12/15/11 20 1614 C/HS
14/10/12 20 1604 BP/CC
10/10/15 20 1594 C/DP

If there's ever a use for a level 20 mach amp with BP/HS, I have like five of those with middling IVs (for hatched/raids, that is). I think I butt-powered up the first one by accident at some point, and I don't currently have a CTM to switch from C/HS to a fighting charged move.

So the question is do I evolve the one with better IVs and use a fast TM to get C/CC, or evolve the one with C/DP. Here's my analysis.

Against T-Tar, the cycle DPS of C/DP is 46.62, while C/CC is 43.01. That's a significant, but small difference (under 10%).

If I bring the one with good IVs to level 31, I'd have to bring the one with DP up to level 33 and its CP would still be a few points lower than the 98% one at 31.

Thus, I concluded that I should power up the one with the good IVs. Close Combat isn't as good as Dynamic Punch, but the difference is smaller than two levels worth.

Of course, I'm going to keep trying to acquire Machamps, and hopefully will get one that makes this question moot.

Asked by aeronaut6310 months ago


Do the 98%. Use fast TM to get counter. When you have an abundance of charge TM's (which should happen over time), use those to get Dynamic Punch. Until then C/CC should suffice.

I agree. Just wanted to explain to others why I'm doing it this way, so they could make their own decisions instead of posting here every time they have to make a choice like this.

Out of yours the only one I would invest in is the 98%. Are you capable of doing Machamp raids solo? If so then you can do some at will and just re roll the dice a few times once you've had enough of the legendary beasts.

I have powered a 15/14/15, 14/15/12, 14/13/12 and 13/09/15 before (the last one was exception because it was a wild catch Machop as the IV suggests)

I have three Machamps powered up: C/Dp, C/Cc and Kc/Dp.

Bewteen Blissey, Snorlax, and Tyranitar, I am frequently selecting all three of my Machamps to fight gyms. I usually lead off with C/Cc or C/Dp against Blissey, then the other against Snorlax, and save the Kc/Dp for Tyranitar. Depending on movesets and how badly I dodge, I might get part way into the second Machamp for Blissey, but unless I dodge really badly I can usually finish all three with only two Machamps.

I might eventually try to change Cc to Dp, but for now it works well enough supporting my other two with Dp. If you don't have any Machamps with Dynamic Punch, it would be worth saving up some Charge TMs or doing some more Machamp raids.

Keep Close Combat, at least for now. It's close enough in effectiveness to Dynamic Punch that it's not worth TMing unless you're trying to duo a Tyranitar raid where you need every bit of damage.

Definitely use a fast TM on the BP+CC Machamp with 15/14/15 IVs. I doubt you're going to get 6 perfect Machamps any time soon to replace it.

BP+HS is a useless moveset on Machamp. Scizor is a better steel attacker because it also gains STAB, and resists 2/3 of the types that steel type moves are effective against, ice and fairy.

Against rock and ice types, fighting moves are also super effective just like steel, but you'd also be gaining STAB with Machamp, and against fairies, you wouldn't use Machamp in the first place because fighting is weak to fairy moves. It has no use for players, but it's the most annoying when raiding against.

So just transfer any BP+HS Machamps if they've also got mediocre IVs because they're not worth TMing into a double fighting moveset, you're never going to use them. I've thrown away several Machamps for this reason.

If they had really high IVs I'd keep them and eventually TM them, but if it's got mediocre IVs, why invest TMs and dust into it when it's not going to be better than one that already has a double fighting moveset?

For me, doing a Machamp raid is easier than getting the dust to power one up, so I have to be picky with which ones I power up, if I powered any Machamp just because it had a good moveset, I'd be out of dust already, so in my situation I wouldn't power up the C/DP one.

But if you're not too picky about IVs, you could still take the C/DP one to level 30 for Tyranitar raids and there wouldn't be a significant difference between it and a perfect one, because one of Counter's breakpoints is below level 30 even with 10 attack IV (around level 28 I think), and the next one is around level 36 with 15 attack IV.

So if you don't plan on maxing it out anyway, it's attack IV won't make a difference to Counter's damage, and it'll serve you well until you get a really good Machamp.