Looking at PvP Fast Moves, Are DPS & EPS based on raw Cooldown or is it Duration + Cooldown

It seems to me like something's a little off. Dragon Tail seems to take a full 2.0s to CD, sometimes longer (might be lag). Is the duration between attacks in PvP just the raw Cooldown #, or is it the greater of Cooldown or Duration, or is it some formula combining the two.

I feel like all the 0.5s CD Fast Attacks are legit 0.5s - and the 1.0s ones seem to be consistently around 1.0s, sometimes as much as 1.2s w/ (assumedly from a little lag) based upon the meter fill. But the 1.5s CD Fast Attacks aren't near 1.5s with any consistency.

Please confirm one way or another for anyone who's done the hard work figuring this out for sure.


Asked by Okpokalypse5 months ago