Long-distance feeding and flee rate and random stuff

1. When can I long-distance feed in gyms? I noticed that sometimes I can, but other times I can't, regardless of whether or not a Pokemon of mine is guarding it. So what's the rule here?

2. I read somewhere that the flee rate of a Pokemon depends on one thing and one thing only: the species. A Makuhita, regardless of its CP or IV or what have you, will always have the same flee rate as any other Makuhita. However, I decided to use an incense during a train ride. The Pokemon kept spawning really fast as the train rode along, but 90% of them, even the ones who should have been easy, green circle catches, escaped the Pokeball after one jiggle and fled immediately afterwards. So it seems the flee rate is dependant on something else as well? You should keep close to the spawn point or something?

3. What's the white circle I see surrounding some of the gyms? It's not gyms I haven't visited before (as with pokestops), but not all of them have them, so what's up with that? And what about the little heart?

4. Are shiny Pokemon event-exclusive? Recently, I've heard reports about shiny Wailmers (Earth-event) and Makuhitas and Meditites (Fighting event). Are there any reports of catching their shiny versions outside of these event windows?

5. Why are there no raids at night?

Asked by Grimgroove5 months ago


1) If you don't have a Pokémon on the Gym, you have to be in range of the Gym to feed Pokémon berries; if you can't spin the stop, you can't feed it berries. (edit; forgot to add this part. my bad) If you do have a Pokémon in the Gym, you have to go to the gym through your Pokémon itself in your Pokémon Bag (tapping on the Pokémon, then tapping on Go To Gym) in order to feed it from a distance.

2) There is a Speed limit - I believe it is 80km/hr - for catching. If you're going too fast you won't catch anything.

3) Not sure - I'd have to see a screenshot to know what you're talking about.

4) They aren't supposed to be event exclusive. Once they're introduced, they should be in the game permanently. But I can't confirm that because I never (censored) catch (censored) Shiny's outside of (censored) Community Day or one Makuhita. (Except for Swablu, but I don't remember if Swablu had an event associated with its Shiny form.)

5) Likely because Niantic has many raids at Sponsored Gyms, and many of those locations close in the evenings. Niantic doesn't want people congregating at a sponsored location at 10pm if the location isn't currently open for business because it's a security risk for the location and the foot-traffic to the location is useless to Niantic and the Location, so Niantic doesn't get paid for it. This is also a big reason that Spoofing is considered a problem by Niantic; they get paid by some Locations for every activity on the Gym because it's assumed that the activity on the Gym means the person is coming into the Location - entering the Starbucks, for instance. And Niantic probably doesn't want to be responsible for problems if, say, 20 people gathered at 11pm in a public park to do a Ttar raid and the police think it's some sort of gang activity because why the heck are 20 people in a park at 11pm so let's just harass and arrest everyone then figure it out down at the station. (yes, hyperbole, I know.)


Re. #5 - and yet they think having 20 people show up at 6 AM somehow isn't a problem. I would say that 10 PM is a lot safer than 6 AM but then again no one ever shows up for 6 AM raids so I suppose it is a moot point.


1. To add to previous, you might have hit the berry cap of feeding 10 different mons per 30 minutes if you can't feed a berry.

2. I've heard the same 80km/h limit but it seems to me that sometimes 60km/h is enough to trigger the speed ban. EDIT: The same thing happens when you have the "catch ban" ie. you've caught more than 3500 mon in a week. Not many people ever hit that cap though.

3. The little heart shows up only in gyms that are your own color and indicates whether the gym has any mons with low motivation. Not sure of what the white circle.

4. They for sure are not exclusive, all of them didn't even have an event associated with them. I've personally caught a shiny Wailmer after the Earth Day event and know of at least half a dozen local people who got a shiny Dratini after the community day. Most of the shiny Magikarps I've heard of also came after the original water event.

5. Niantic playing safe, simple as that. Same reason why they did away with the 3-step tracking early on.


Re: 1 - Not sure what you mean there by "feeding 10 different mons per 30 min"; I know you can only feed 1 specific Mon 10 berries before you can't feed that specific Mon any more berries, but I've not heard of a cap on how many different Mon you can feed in 30 min. It sounds like you're saying you can only feed 10 different Pokémon berries in 30 min, so if I was in range of 2 full gyms, I could only feed berries to 10 of the 12 Pokémon in those gyms in a 30 min period? (not looking to dispute or criticize, just looking to clarify)

2) I've run into that too, particularly when using the Go Plus. But I've also caught some Pokémon when I was going above 60km/hr, both with the Go Plus and without it. I wonder if it has something to do with how Pokémon Go (poorly) tracks how fast you're going?


That is indeed what I'm saying, there's a limit of 10 different mon per 30 minutes. It doesn't work the same way as the 10 berry limit, rather the limit is rolling. As soon as 30 minutes from the 1st mon you fed has passed, you can feed an 11th. As soon as 30min from the 2nd mon you fed has passed, you can feed a 12th, etc. You can test it yourself pretty trivially unless your area is extremely devoid of gyms. For the purposes of maxing star pieces, this means you can feed 100 at maximum without preparation and 190 at maximum if you activate your 10 berry timers a few minutes before you start the star piece.

2) Poor distance tracking likely has everything to do with it. I've also caught pokemon at greater than 60km/h for sure.