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I had a catastrophic failure on my Android phone last night. Got a new phone this morning. Downloaded the PokemonGO app and it logs in to my account without issue. I also work my wife's account because she broke her ankle and still has trouble getting around much. I'm trying to figure out how to add her account on my phone so that I can log out of my account and log into hers. Any helpful suggestions?

Asked by racered20135 months 1 week ago


Honestly, I wouldn't do it on the same device. There have been numerous reported instances recently of people who access multiple accounts on the same device being at least shadow-banned for a period of time. Best bet would be to use a second-phone (or her phone) if you want to work her account simultaneously.

Those people were probably doing something else in addition to account sharing. If not spoofing, then maybe using login info for an IV checker.

When did this happen? Was this part of the last update? In the past, it was as simple as logging out of my account and logging into hers. I can't take her phone with me during the day.

I use multiple Google accounts and have an extra device. I'll test shadow ban on that and some secondaries and come back.

Logged in to multiple accounts on one device. Got a machop on my nearby still, but I guess shadow ban might take a second if it happens.

My problem is that it no longer gives me the option to log into my wife's account. When I log out of mine, it goes to the Pokemon GO log in screen. I sign in as "returning player." This takes me to the screen with Facebook, Google and PTC. I tap Google. In the past, it would take me to a screen that had my email address and her email address, and I could select which account to open. Now, it simply logs into the game for my account. It doesn't give the option to select her account.

Shadow bans are not instantaneous. They are intentionally delayed by a few hours to a few days to make it harder to test if a program is working around it. And I haven't heard of anyone getting a shadow ban just for account sharing or multi-accounting.

My wife broke her ankle a year ago and still has trouble getting around. She can play while I'm driving or for short walks, but if she's on her feet for an hour her leg swells up past the knee. It's insane that it is taking this long for her to get better. I walk her account for a while every day to keep streaks alive and to occasionally raid or catch interesting/high iv stuff for her if I spot it while on my account. Seems to me it would be a bit harsh for Niantic to institute a shadow ban under those circumstances. Caught a 2076 Latios for her yesterday.

by antgoo 5 months 1 week ago

I cannot confirm about any sort of shadow ban as I only play with one account, but you would need to go into your phones settings screen and add the account there first. Then it should let you choose which account to login to on pogo.