Legacy Q' pls help

Soo i've got this 91 15/14/12 'dex dratini and i'm contemplating whether i should evolve it in case DT/O becomes legacy. I don't have a 'nite yet, been waiting for a 96+ cuz i'm greedy but if y'all think DT/O will become legacy then i'll probz evolve it.
What are your thoughts? Will they implement new moves with the launch of tomorrow's ghost/dark mons?
Thanks for all pieces of advice

Asked by Bobert111108 months 3 weeks ago


How many Dratini candy and how many charge TMs? You could spend the 123 to make a Dragonite, TM it to Outrage, then count on hatching a lot of 10k eggs and pray for Dratini to replace the 123 spent.

Look at it from the other perspective: which would you regret more? To me, it seems like guaranteeing that you have DT/O is the better call. Do you have the TMs to spare? If not, it’s kind of moot.

That's one way to put it. Looks like i'm gonna do it, although there's one detail i'm hesitant about; i think the silph road analyzed the apk mine and they haven't found any new moves, am i correct? Does that imply we won't be seeing gen. 3 moves 'til december? Strategically it'd be best to wait until tomorrow morning right before the start of the event to see if niantic adds new moves I think.
Anyway thanks for ur input.

Still a relevant question, how many Dratini candies do you have? Do you have any 10k eggs waiting to get double candy? My math is saying I've earned/hatched/produced over 900 Dratini candies since I've started. I doubt I'm even on the high end around GP or SR. If you have less than If you have more than 350, probably a reasonable idea to get a Dragonite on the board. They flat out might nerf the moves, then release it as a raid boss soon.

Read up on breakpoints. With 15 attack, yours just might reach Rayquaza's.