Last Premier Ball Bug?

So I've noticed, anecdotally, that the Pokemon pops out immediately whenever I use my last Raid ball. I know that at one point there was a glitch that caused this behavior, but I was under the impression that it had been fixed a while ago. Still, the last ball always fails immediately for me. Does anyone else have this experience? I raid almost daily so this would have to be exceedingly bad luck (which is still possible, of course) if there isn't something else behind it.

Asked by TyFox8 months 4 weeks ago


What I have heard is that it will either break free instantly or catch it, so it won't do anything like shake twice then break free.

Last 8 Entei for me, 5 caught on last ball, 3 fled on last ball immediately.

Never been able to catch legendary bosses at the last ball, before and even after the update.

In most case, it just breaks out. But I have caught a Pokemon on the last ball twice.

over 200 hundred legendary raids and it pops out at EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY the same time on the last ball. Now, sometimes I just throw it as a hail mary with sometimes a berry for shits and giggles, but yeah nope. Other 4 or below raids though on the last ball works.

I caught my Mewtwo on the last ball. Was sweating bullets on that jerk.