Last Premier Ball Bug?

So I've noticed, anecdotally, that the Pokemon pops out immediately whenever I use my last Raid ball. I know that at one point there was a glitch that caused this behavior, but I was under the impression that it had been fixed a while ago. Still, the last ball always fails immediately for me. Does anyone else have this experience? I raid almost daily so this would have to be exceedingly bad luck (which is still possible, of course) if there isn't something else behind it.

Asked by TyFox1 year ago


What I have heard is that it will either break free instantly or catch it, so it won't do anything like shake twice then break free.


over 200 hundred legendary raids and it pops out at EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY the same time on the last ball. Now, sometimes I just throw it as a hail mary with sometimes a berry for shits and giggles, but yeah nope. Other 4 or below raids though on the last ball works.