Lapras worth powering up?

I know Lapras isn't necessarily a top gym defender anymore but she has always been one of my favorite Pokemon. That being said I was extremely happy to have hatched a 96% IV one from an egg earlier. It has frost breath and hydro pump, which isn't the best moveset but nothing a TM can't fix. Is this Pokemon worth fixing and powering up?

Asked by Luke416x10 months ago


I would think so, especially if Dragonite ever shows up at a raid boss. Plus, if you like the pokemon a lot, then why not? It's still a game that you want to enjoy.

I'd hold off until Dragonite is introduced as a raid boss.

As of right now, Ice Types are not relevant, I'm sorry to say.

Sadly no. Lapras isn't worth powering up or using a TM on (unless you've got lots of CTM's), which sucks. SUCKS. I think the best time I had playing Pokémon Go was when I arrived home a 11pm after a long day, pulled my phone out of my pocket and there was a Lapras in my front yard. (Turned out to be an 84% IV with Ice/Ice.) I love my Lapras.

But it's not useful right now.

I am in a similar situation. Hatched a 98% snorlax; 15/14/15. Have around 60 candies but already have a 3000CP snorlax.

I might power up if flush on dust but as I just powered up a gengar to lvl 35 Snorlax is on hold. I know all about slaking and snorlax has no real use but it's one of my favorite pokemons so I will power up, just not now.

Not right now because there's nothing to use it against, but there were Dragonite raids in the Pokemon GO Park event in Japan, so maybe they'll be released worldwide eventually. If that happens, that's when you should power it up.

Jealous on you. I dont have a >90 Lapras. This move set is good to against many pokemon. HP is powerful and two ice type move is not very useful.

Only if a lot of people put Dragonites in gyms near you. Otherwise wait for possible Dragonite raids.

by yen 10 months ago

For defending keep as is. Hp is hard to dodge and may surprise fire attacker. TM when dragonite becomes raid boss.

I am on a similar situation the difference is that I got the 96% one FB/B from one of the first raids I did (the first week raid system came out).

Lapras here is ULTRA rare (I am level 39, only caught two in the wild thanks to water/ice events, never seen one out of events despite we have a decent amount of rare spawns like Dragonite, Togetic, Hitmontop, Snorlax...) and I really love her, so I made her my buddy and now I am finally near the end, I have 194 candies, thanks a lot to berry feeding system because I keep putting Lapras on gym and feed her berries to death xD (around 60 candies are from feeding). My advice is, if you have the candies and the dust power her up, if you don't have one or both resource, grind for them and power up when you get them.

I think patience is something that always gets you something in return in this game, who knows, maybe while you walk her of farm dust you get a 100% from a raid or an egg...