Issue with A Ripple in Time

Is anybody having an issue with #2 evolving a grass pokemon? I have tried 5 times and it's not closing out the task. Any suggestions?

Asked by Haydn1231 week 3 days ago


You need to evolve a second evolution Pokemon. For example, Nuzleaf to Shiftry.

It needs to be a 2nd stage evolved to a third stage. Skiploom -> Jumpluff is pretty easy to do.

Read the task again. It’s not “evolve a grass Pokémon” it’s “evolve an evolved grass Pokémon”

Evolve a ivysaur, gloom, weepinbell, bayleef, skiploom, grovyle, or nuzleaf.

It's possible the OP isn't playing in his/her native tongue, in which case we're being kind of dickish by making fun of the miss.

Eh, it's still funny. Whatever.